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Taree Legacy

Legacy Village, 9 Gill Avenue, Taree NSW 2430

Postal address: PO Box 220, Taree NSW 2430

Phone: (02) 6552 2385

Email: admin@



Events - Taree Legacy

  • Our ladies continue to enjoy friendship and cameraderie at the Laurel Social Group meetings and outings. For more information, contact 02 6552 2385.

  • Throughout the year, the groups that make up Taree Legacy Club, engage in a number of fundraising activities at local level. Our biggest fundraising event however, is Legacy Week, which culminates on Badge Day on the first Friday of September each year. Our members are most grateful for the generosity of the local community and rely on this support each year to ensure the ongoing delivery of services to the widows.
  • We are particularly grateful for the assistance given by many of the local High School students who volunteer to assist with fundraising on Badge Day. We also acknowledge the support given by local businesses and individual donors. To make a donation, please contact Taree Legacy on 02 6552 2385.

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