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Caring for the families of our veterans.

Legacy receives less than one per cent of its funding from the government and relies on generous supporters, like you, so we can continue our vital work.

The support we receive ensures Legacy can continue caring for the 70,000 widows, children and disabled dependants who rely on us across Australia.

Together we can support them through the grief and disadvantage they may face after a spouse or parent dies or gives their physical or psychological health.

There are many deserving families that still need our help. Please help Legacy honour the pledge, forged 100 years ago in the trenches of WWI – to always take care of those left behind.

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Lee's story

Lee was born on the NSW Central Coast in an old town called Ettalong, born with only 5% eyesight.

Lee was four and a half when her father passed away from cancer. He had been in the Airforce in WW2 and was driving supply trucks for a spit fire squadron in the Middle East and ended up in Germany after the war in the occupation force.

While Lee doesn’t remember much about her father, she does remember Brisbane Water Legacy coming into her life as a young girl. They paid for all of her boarding school fees, laundry fees, piano lessons, school uniforms, towels and linen. Her family had a regular Legatee (volunteer) that would come and visit them on a regular basis.

“As a young child what Legacy meant to me was kind of like having a surrogate dad because we had a lovely Legatee who would come around to our place all the time and check up on us. At Christmas time there was always a hamper dropped off.”

Lee now lives in a small inner city suburb called Erskineville with her housemate, Rodney and his toy poodle, Pluto. When she moved, she received lots of guidance and support from Legacy who provided her with over $5000 for new furniture and secure fencing for the backyard. Her Legatee, Legatee Wright visits often and ensures that everything is running smoothly and to catch up over a cup of tea.

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