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Remembrance Day Appeal

Remembrance Day Appeal - Legacy

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As the nation pauses to reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans this Remembrance Day, November 11, please also spare a thought for their families.

Just as we will always remember the fallen, Legacy will always be there for their families.

For the past 94 years, Legacy, with the support of donors like you, has worked to ensure that no partner or child of a veteran who has given their life or health will suffer social or financial hardship.alth in service.

Elizabeth Cowell knows only too well the importance of Legacy after suffering a painful double tragedy.

In 1974 at the age of 36, Elizabeth’s world changed forever when her loving husband of 16 years, Barry, a Vietnam veteran, died of a sudden heart attack. “He was at home watching the Saturday afternoon sports. He threw up and collapsed on the floor and never regained consciousness.”

Having to leave the Army’s married quarters, Elizabeth moved in with her mother, Thelma, who was a huge help with the children, along with Legacy. “Legacy got in touch with me when my husband died. They visited me and said ‘we’ll look after you.’ That was a great relief.”

With her mother, Elizabeth soon began attending Legacy functions, bonding with other women in similar situations. Elizabeth’s children were invited to picnics and Christmas parties and she received help to get a pension for war widows. 

More than forty years later Elizabeth, now 79, still has weekly involvement with Legacy. Elizabeth says of these groups “Legacy House has been a home away from home for me. Maintaining my friendships through Legacy gives me a reason to get up in the morning.”

Families of today need the support that Elizabeth had at a time when all hope seems lost. Your donation means that Legacy can be there for younger families living without a breadwinner and older widows, like Elizabeth, who face uncertainty in their later years, without their life partners.

Our work is far from over, with 70,000 widows and children across Australia, living without their partner or parent, who look to Legacy to be a shining light in dark times.

Despite her loss, Elizabeth is proud and grateful for the role her husband and father played protecting Australia’s freedom. She says “We are the best country in the world but it might not have always been that way.’’

We hope you will give generously this Remembrance Day, to the families of those who gave it all.

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