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Sydney Legacy

Level 6 47 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

Postal address: Locked Bag 8 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Phone: (02) 9248 9000

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Our services - Sydney Legacy

Sydney Legacy dedicates its effort to supporting the dependants of Australian Defence Force members who gave their lives or health during or after their defence force service.
We currently support thousands of widows, children and dependents across the metropolitan area and in many regional areas of NSW.

Sydney Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of our families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:

• the protection of individuals and families basic needs;
• advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits;
• assisting families through bereavement; and
• helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

There are more than 500 volunteers (Legatees) throughout Sydney who act as mentors to the widows and their families and who ensure Sydney Legacy’s promise to care for the families of deceased veterans is kept.

Support for young families and children

Legacy is committed to helping young families through bereavement and providing them with new opportunities in life. At Legacy we are aware of the significant loss endured by young families living without a parent and spouse and we endeavour to compensate families for their loss by providing support through:

Protecting ageing and vulnerable widows

Legacy currently provides care to thousands of widows accross Australia. These are mainly the ageing and infirm widows of Australia's Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam veterans.

Care is provided on the basis of need. While some widows require little more than advice, others require more extensive assistance e.g. pension’s advocacy, providing safety and security, relieving financial hardship, combating social isolation and providing medical care. Regardless of the level of care required, Legacy is committed to ensuring no widow of a deceased veteran will face life’s challenges alone.

Caring for dependants with a disability

At Legacy, we believe that people with disabilities have an inherent right to the same opportunities as others. The majority of dependents with disabilities that Legacy cares for have congenital and acquired disabilities that cause significant impairment. These disabilities may be intellectual, neurological, psychological or physical.
Our programs link people with community and special facilities in a bid to improve their quality of life, promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce social isolation, and provide support for carers. Legacy also offers financial and organisational assistance when needed.

While most primary care is delivered by specialist service providers, Legacy takes a personal and long-term interest in the welfare of dependants and their families.

Pensions Advocacy

Legacy has expertise in understanding the individual situations and entitlements of the partners and dependent children of deceased members of the Australian Defence Force and eligible merchant mariners.

Legacy has a nationwide network of trained and experienced Pension Officers who are available to assist eligible families to access their entitlements.

Families of Veterans who have given their health

Sydney Legacy is gaining knowledge and experience in the role of supporting families of veterans who have given their health.

Sydney Legacy has commissioned research by Macquarie University's Centre for Emotional Health, which specialises in emotional health of children and families.

The DVA has identified this work to be the lead in study for the Family Research program recently announced by the Minister for Veterans Affairs.


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