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Legacy Rosemary Appeal

Legacy Rosemary Appeal - Legacy

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This ANZAC Day, as we remember our veterans, both past and present, we also remember the families of those who gave their lives or health in service.

Every Anzac Day since WWII, Legacy has given out rosemary, to honour our veterans and show support to their families. It is a reminder to Australians of the unique charter of Legacy; to care for those who have lost a parent or spouse due to serious injury, illness or death, during or after their Defence Force service

Rosemary is an ancient symbol of remembrance, that is particularly significant to Australians as it grew wild on the hills of Gallipoli. It is traditionally worn on ANZAC Day to honour our veterans and show support to their families.

Legacy receives less than one per cent of its funding from the government and relies on generous supporters, like you, so we can continue our vital work.

The support we receive ensures Legacy can continue caring for the 70,000 widows, children and disabled dependants who rely on us across Australia.

Together we can support them through the grief and disadvantage they may face after a spouse or parent dies or gives their physical or psychological health.

There are many deserving families that still need our help. Please help Legacy honour the pledge, forged 100 years ago in the trenches of WWI – to always take care of those left behind.

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Wanda's story

One of the hardest things Wanda Sprenger has to do is to explain to her children, 13 year old Dominic and 10 year old Sarah, why their father is no longer with them.

Three years ago Paul Sprenger, an Iraq War veteran, took his own life. Paul had been an army reservist for many years before volunteering to go to Iraq as an engineer. He served there in 2007 and 2008 before returning home and leaving the army.

Life was different when Paul came home. He used to spend his time with his many veteran friends but had suddenly cut them off. He stopped attending ANZAC Day marches and events and refused to watch the news if there was anything on related to Iraq or Afghanistan. Paul just did not want to be reminded of those days.

Shortly before his death, Wanda had learned that her husband had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when he shared with her what had happened in Iraq and the terrible experiences that deeply affected him. That was on the Thursday – by Tuesday, he was gone.

While there is much more awareness of PTSD now, this isn’t enough to support Wanda when she tries to help her children understand.

The Sprenger family still struggle with the day-to-day reality of losing Paul. Young Dominic and Sarah both have autism, which means they have difficulty expressing their emotions, including that they miss their much-loved father very much.

One bright spot in this family’s world has been Legacy. When Legacy heard of the Sprenger family’s situation, they stepped in, helping Wanda to obtain support payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Among other things, Dominic was invited to attend a Legacy camp where he had an enjoyable time and bonded with other children who had also lost a parent.

Although nothing can fill the void of a lost husband or parent, the generosity of donors like you makes it possible for Legacy to provide some stability and certainty to vulnerable families like the Sprenger’s - now and into the future.

Today, please give a generous donation to honour Legacy’s pledge, forged 100 years ago in the trenches of World War I to always take care of those left behind - “to look after the missus and kids”.

Will you make a donation and help families like Wanda’s?

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