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Sydney Legacy

Level 6 47 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

Postal address: Locked Bag 8 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Phone: (02) 9248 9000

Email: enquiries@


Fundraise 4 Legacy

Get Involved - Sydney Legacy

Ways of fundraising for Sydney Legacy is only limited by your imagination.

Whether the call is to get on your bike, run a marathon, trek every mountain, feel the need for speed or wish for something more sedate like an ANZAC biscuit morning tea, our previous supporters have shown how diverse methods of fundraising can be.

No matter who you are or where you live - and even if you've never done anything like this before - you are invited to help raise funds for Legacy.

Our Events and Community Engagement Team have the experience and skills to guide you through the fundraising process and the tools you need to make your activity enjoyable and successful.

Organise your own event
Participate in an event
Fundraise for the City2Surf
Join in a Sydney Legacy event
Ask friends to donate in lieu of presents
Create an online fundraising page
Fundraising Resources

Organise your own event

Let your imagination run wild and organise your own event for Legacy. For some great Fundraising Event ideas to get you started.click here

Once you’ve decided what you want to do and before you begin, it’s important to register your activity with Sydney Legacy and get it sanctioned by filling in this form or contacting our Events & Community Engagement team.

An easy way to start fundraising for your event it to set up an online fundraising page. It's easy to create your online fundraising page and we're happy to help if you require assistance. To create an online fundraising page:Click here

For more information, please take time to review the Sydney Legacy Fundraising Guidelines

Participate in an event

Are you participating in an event as a personal challenge?

Do you want to challenge yourself to help keep the promise to the families of incapacitated and deceased veterans by fundraising for Sydney Legacy?

Whether you’re participating in a community event or undertaking the challenge or trekking Kokoda you can fundraise for Sydney Legacy and become a Legacy Legend.

I've selected a community event, what do I do next?
1. Register directly with the event on-line.
2. When asked, nominate "Legacy" as the charity you'll fundraise for.
3. Follow the prompts to set up your on-line fundraising page and select "Legacy" as your chosen charity.
4. Share your fundraising page with friends and family.

Need help? Sydney is here to help you register and fundraise on 02 9248 9048. Sydney Legacy will support you every step of the way with regular newsletters, fundraising tips and information on Legacy.

If you raise over $250 Sydney Legacy will send you a Legacy running singlet.

If you’d like to set up your own personal challenge event please contact the Events and Community Engagement team on 02 9248 9048 or email: ldib@sydney-legacy.com.au.

Join a Sydney Legacy event

To find out more about events that Sydney Legacy is organising
click here

Ask friends to donate to Legacy in lieu of gifts

Donations can be made in lieu of birthdays, Christmas, wedding or anniversary gifts, in memoriam to remember a loved one, or any other special occasion. Including Legacy as a worthy cause is a wonderful way to raise funds and awareness of the cause.

Your support is invaluable and you can now have your very own fundraising webpage for your donations in lieu activity.

In just minutes you can build your own fundraising webpage with a unique web link to send to your friends and family for a donation in lieu of gifts. Let all your family and friends know so they can visit your page, make a donation and leave you a special message — and help us to help others in the process.

In Memoriam
Wedding or

Fundraising Resources

Fundraising ideas
Fundraising Event / Activity proposal form
Fundraising Guidelines
Community events calendar
Legacy Legends sports calendar
Fundraising Tips to raise $1000
Social media fundraising tips
Matched fundraising companies (examples)


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True Grit - a military inspired course
with 30 obstacles on 11/12 June.
Join in and raise funds for Sydney Legacy while truly challenging yourself.


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