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Sydney Legacy

Level 6 47 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

Postal address: Locked Bag 8 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Phone: (02) 9248 9000

Email: enquiries@


A Gift in your Will

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Sydney Legacy is there for life in keeping the promise to look after the Widows and children of veterans who have lost their lives or health.

Sydney Legacy’s capacity to look after the future generation of children
and families of those who served our nation, lies in the hands of generous and concerned individuals.

We trust that you will regard yourself among this special group by making a gift in your Will as a bequest to Sydney Legacy.

How to leave a gift in your Will to Sydney Legacy

There are a number of ways in which you can leave a gift in your Will and
these can include:
  • A specific dollar amount
  • Specific assets (such as real estate, shares, life insurance policies/annuities)
  • The residue of your estate - what is left of your estate after your loved ones have been provided for
  • A percentage of the residue of your estate

Wording to leave a gift in your Will to Sydney Legacy

Your solicitor or Trustee will assist with the correct wording for a bequest to
Sydney Legacy and the following is a guide:

‘I give to SYDNEY LEGACY (ACN 000 048 868) of 47 York St, Sydney ________________ (state your bequest here) for its general purposes or (state a specific purpose that you would like your bequest to be directed to).’

For information about leaving a gift in your Will, or to notify Sydney Legacy that you have left a Bequest, please contact the Bequest Officer on (02) 9248 9012 or email bequests@sydney-legacy.com.au.

Your privacy will at all times be respected and any discussions with the Bequest Officer will remain confidential.

What Sydney Legacy will do with your bequest

With around 90 years experience in supporting Widow/ers and children, Sydney Legacy has developed a range of practical programs that are responsive to their needs and these include assistance with:

  • Children’s education costs from infancy to university
  • Young Widows’ vocational training program
  • Widows’ and children’s holiday programs
  • Children and people with a disability support programs
  • Widows’ and dependants' social clubs

Currently our volunteers and employees provide support for around 13,000 Widows and more than 400 children and people with a disability.

Join with us and make a gift in your Will to Sydney Legacy so we can continue our vital work and to ‘Keep the Promise’ to future generations.

If you have any questions or would like to let Sydney Legacy know that you have left a gift in your Will, please phone the Bequest Officer on (02) 9248 9012 or email

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