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Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy

Level 2, Bourne House, 10-12 Short Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Postal address: PO Box 197, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6583 3570

Email: admin@


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Our services - Port Macquarie Legacy

Fundraising Groups

Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy enjoys excellent financial support provided through the hard working efforts of:

  • Torchbearer for Legacy Group,

  • Op Shop in Wauchope – managed by Volunteers

  • Junior Legacy Group
    Previously there were 3 Torch Bearers for Legacy groups
    which shared a total of 166 years dedicated service and hard work raising funds to assist Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy to provide the services and supports which are available to Legacy widows. These Torchbearers played a very significant part in the fundraising activities of Legacy Badge week through co-ordination and provision of people to man badge selling tables in the towns, and organising school students to sell badges.

    The 3 Torchbearers groups contributed very significant amounts of money raised through various activities to be used for Legacy support and assistance to widows, children and people with disabilities. These hard working and dedicated fund raising groups are always keen to welcome new members to their ranks. A phone call to Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Office to register your interest in joining will be passed on to appropriate groups.

    Junior Legacy
    is another organisation with a long and proud history. Junior Legacy which is unique to Port Macquarie, was started in 1964 by a group of young men who got together and decided to raise money for Legacy. Junior Legacy has contributed very significantly to the to the financial needs of Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy over their 44 year history.

    As well as raising money for Legacy, Junior Legacy carries out activities such as assisting with our Annual Widows Christmas parties.
    Just like the Torchbearer groups, Junior Legacy members are always keen to welcome new members and ideas for their fundraising efforts and social connections.

The Op Shop in Wauchope can be found on Cameron Street, opposite Wauchope RSL Club and Vietnam Veterans offices. The Op Shop is always keen for new volunteers, and donations of unwanted clothing, books and other goods.

Pensions Committee


The aim of the Pensions Committee is to endeavour to obtain a War Widows Pension for as many of our Legacy Widows as possible. This is not always possible – some widows do not qualify because the cause of death of their husband cannot be related back to War Service.

War Widow Pensions only apply to veterans who served in the Australian Forces – veterans who served in the forces of Allied countries are not entitled to apply to the Australian Government.

For more detailed information on our Pensions policy, please click here.


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