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Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy

Level 2, Bourne House, 10-12 Short Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Postal address: PO Box 197, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6583 3570

Email: admin@


About us

About us - Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy

Club history

Legacy – Australia’s Biggest Family. Legacy was formed in the 1920’s in the years immediately following the end of World War 1, by war veterans who returned home and pledged to care for dependants of their deceased comrades. These returned servicemen who became the first members of Legacy became known as Legatees.

Legacy care has extended from those first beginnings to include care provision for dependants of veterans from all wars and peace keeping forces, who may have died on service or subsequently. The Legacy organisation is represented in all states and territories of Australia and all clubs and divisions operate under a common charter of service.
Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy, was at first a subsidiary contact group of Taree Legacy and was formed in Wauchope during the 1940’s. This club has been an autonomous club since 1984.

The Club name was changed in 2008, to address confusion about where we are located – most people from outside of this area seemed to think we were based in Hastings Victoria. The new name of Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy is reflective of the local government area within which we operate. Our activities cover the whole of our local govt area – including Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Camden Haven and outlying areas, within the Local Govt area (LGA) boundaries.

Government funding is readily available, through grants applications and this club has received significant government financial support to stage past State and National conferences held in Port Macquarie.

Further government assistance is provided through our ready access to multiple govt departments and agencies for advice and guidance as required.

However, Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy has enjoyed wonderful community support for the entirety of its existence and is predominantly funded by public donation, CDSA Grants and the fundraising efforts voluntary fundraising groups and an Op Shop which is staffed by volunteers.

Who we help

In the same way as all Legacy clubs and divisions do, Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy provides assistance to widows, widowers, and children, as well as children/adults with disabilities who at the time of the veterans’ death could meet the criterion of dependence on a veteran who had served Australia in any operational area of war, no matter how that veteran died.

Additionally, dependents of allied veterans are also welcomed into the Legacy family and assisted in the same way as the dependants of Australian veterans. An allied veteran is defined as:

“a person who was a member of, or officially attached to, the Defence Force of any ally of any part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and who served in an area defined by Legacy National Conference to be a War or Operational area.”
Some of the countries but not all; which are considered eligible allies include: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Canada, America, Poland, and Holland. For a complete list please contact the Club.

Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy currently has 30 active Legatees and employs 3 staff who all work closely together to meet the needs of Legacy eligible widows, children and people with disabilities.

Further contact information for Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy

Legatee Alf Smith
Vice President
Legatee Gwen Norris

Legatee Chris McGeoch

Monthly Meetings: 4th Tuesday of month:

Meeting 12.00 pm
Legacy Office, Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie Hasting Legacy Address
Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Office
Suite 3, Bourne House
10-12 Short Street
Port Macquarie

Mailing Address
PO Box 197
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone Number
02 6583 3570

Fax Number: 02 6583 5668

Email Address: admin@pmlegacy.com.au

Legacy Support Officer: Diane McDonald
Admin Assistant: Sally Hellowell
Admin Assistant: Glenda Little


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