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Northern Territory Legacy

11 Nemarluk Drive, Ludmilla NT 0820

Postal address: GPO Box 1492, Darwin NT 0801

Phone: (08) 8948 0830

Email: legacy@


Northern Territory Legacy

Northern Territory Legacy - Legacy

Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today Legacy's caring and compassionate service assists around 52,000 widow(er)s and 1,800 children and dependants with a disability. Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Our support and services now extend to include the dependants of members of today's Australian Defence Force who lose their lives as a result of their military service.

Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of our families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:

  • The protection of individuals and families basic needs.
  • Advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits.
  • Assisting families through bereavement.
  • Helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.
  • Provide support for the educational needs of children.

Office hours

Mon, Tues & Thurs: 9:00am - 1:00pm or by arrangement


President: Jack Hamilton 0409 796 415
Vice President/ Secretary: Scott Perkins 0419 759 040
Treasurer: Bonnie Poulter 0407 852 959
Alice Springs: Jenny Hamilton 0417 871 861
Katherine: Scott Lander 0407 130 096


Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO
Administrator of the Northern Territory


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