A Legacy Ambassador for life

A Legacy Ambassador for life - Legacy

8 April 2013

Rosemary, Adelaide SA

My affiliation with Legacy dates back to 2000, when my father passed away after a short battle with cancer. I was only thirteen years old and Legacy offered financial and emotional support to my mother and I during this difficult time. This support was greatly appreciated as my mother and I lived rurally on Kangaroo Island. In the years following my father’s death, Legacy provided me with many wonderful opportunities to meet people who had experienced similar unfortunate circumstances. I attended a variety of camps and trips to the mainland with my fondest memory being of the Anzac Day memorial service in Canberra. When I commenced university studies in 2005, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from Legacy to go toward my studying expenses. This head start enabled me to complete my double degree in Journalism and International Studies in 2009 and I have since also completed my Masters in Communication.
At 26 years of age, I certainly feel that the experiences and skills I have acquired (largely as a result of the opportunities made available by Legacy) have and will continue to serve me well personally and professionally. Eventually I would like to give back to Legacy by becoming a Legatee, but for now my way of giving back is through a cookbook I produced called
‘Remember through Rosemary’ which is being sold to raise funds for Legacy. When you come to the realisation that you have only known your father for half your life (and as the years go on the percentage will decrease), you can’t help but feel deeply emotional and sad. It is hard to identify positives from the loss of a loved one, however my father’s death and the influence of Legacy has helped me develop important qualities such as respect, resilience and compassion. My mother and I have no doubt that my late father would be proud of my accomplishments and the person I have become.
Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Legacy for the meaningful influence they have had on my life. I will forever be an ambassador for Legacy and the special work they do.

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