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Melbourne Legacy

293 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Postal address: GPO Box 4312 Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: (03) 8626 0500

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Our services - Melbourne Legacy

Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of Australian Defence Force veterans who have given their life or health serving their country.

Legacy’s compassionate and vital assistance changes lives with care, friendship and support and we are honoured to serve our families.

The work of a small professional Community Services team including case managers is complemented by the personal contact by dedicated Legatees (volunteers) who show care and compassion.

Support may include:

  • Help to advocate for entitlements and services
  • Advice and referrals to support services such as counselling
  • Assistance with youth education and development
  • Relief from financial hardship
  • Activities to promote supportive friendships

Services for All

The work of Melbourne Legacy is based on the principles of providing services within a compassionate and respectful environment based on the needs of individuals and families. Some of our key services include case management, advocacy and pensions.

For further information about these services, please click
here or contact Melbourne Legacy on 8626 0500 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.

Family Support

With more young service men and women returning from recent and current deployments with injuries, both psychological and physical and the challenge of transitioning to civilian life, Legacy has evolved its services to meet the needs of these families. Support is not a one size fits all and our work is diverse to suit each individual family and their situation.

Families have come to us with complicated situations and complex needs, and we have raised our capability to support them by connecting with community, mental health and government services. A key focus is advocating for their rights and entitlements.

In addition, we have also provided short-term relief by paying bills, covering school expenses or providing the opportunity to have valuable time out away from the everyday stresses. In these cases, our help with the little things, made a big difference to the spouses and partners involved so they could focus on their resilience and overcoming adversity.

Other services Melbourne Legacy provides includes referrals for counselling, helping with re-settlement, finance and budgeting guidance, partner up-skilling, educational assistance for the children and connecting families with others facing similar challenges for moral support.

For assistance, contact Melbourne Legacy on 8626 0500 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.

One such family we have assisted is Naomi and her husband Mark. To read their story, please click

Inspiring Young Hearts and Minds

Legacy has a proud history of enriching the lives of children through programs which support their education, development and resilience.

The youth program focuses on developing skills and confidence to suit individual needs as children transition from childhood through to young adulthood. It is tailored to address the different development stages as they progress through their education.

Many of the individual programs address needs in more than one of these development stages. The programs include Camp Bulldog, Kookaburra Kids and Legacy camps and Fun Flight.

In addition to our beneficiary programs, Legacy also engages young people in the community through education to acknowledge and commemorate the sacrifices of our brave service men and women and their families. An annual ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony for Students is held at the Shrine of Remembrance just before ANZAC Day and the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award encourages students aged 12 and 14 years to learn about Legacy’s values, while developing their communication skills and confidence.

For more information about our youth programs, please click
here or contact Melbourne Legacy on 8626 0500 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.

Nurturing Good Health and Happiness For Widows(ers)

Melbourne Legacy cares for around 5,000 widows and a small number of widowers by encouraging friendship and support networks, promoting positive ageing and ensuring they are aware of their rights, entitlements and services, and where necessary, advocates for them.

There are a number of Legacy Widows’ Clubs and social groups across Melbourne which have regular get-togethers and outings. New members are always welcome. A bi-monthly magazine keeps the widows well informed and enables them to share news.

Two of Legacy’s signature events each year are the Legacy Remembrance Service at the Shrine of Remembrance to honour lost loved ones and the Christmas Concert at the Melbourne Town Hall.

In addition to these special events, Legacy hosts monthly concerts, a walking group, weekly Legacy House luncheons and a gentle exercise program for seniors.

Our Legatees provide care on the basis of need and keep in regular contact with those who need it, and occasional contact with those who are coping well. Legacy’s Community Services team also has expertise in aged care and services to help maintain widow(er)s health and wellbeing.

To learn more about our programs for older adults please click
here or contact Melbourne Legacy on 8626 0500 and ask to speak to an Older Adults Co-ordinator.

You can read about how we have helped Valda, a Legacy Widow for over 30 years

Advocating for People with a Disability

Legacy cares for dependants of deceased or injured veterans who have an intellectual or physical disability to improve their quality of life and promote a healthy lifestyle and social inclusion. Beneficiaries range in ages from 25 to 80 years and our services are based on supporting their individual needs.

Examples of programs include Expressive Arts Inspiration which is being facilitated by the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (ANVAM) and is designed to provide meaningful engagement and social connection for participants in a safe community setting with qualified arts facilitators. It will provide the opportunity to rekindle old skills or interests, learn new experiences and build confidence. Participants have the opportunity to connect with their own creativity while making art alongside other Legacy beneficiaries.

Another program - Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) – has been developed for Melbourne Legacy’s small group of young people with autism spectrum disorder. It is run by Adventure Works and their specially qualified staff. Key areas of focus include improving confidence, motivation, social skills, physical fitness and recreational competence.

Legacy also hosts a quarterly Mothers and Carers Group to keep them connected to the Legacy Family, provide information, updates with programs and the opportunity to socialise with each other. Community Services staff are available to individuals in the group if they have any questions or concerns regarding the adult with disability they care for.

For more information about our services and programs for people with a disability, contact Melbourne Legacy on 8626 0500 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.

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