Caring for the families of those who served their country

Lest we forget the families of serving Australians who lost their life or health

"After Pete's death, Legacy took care of our desperate financial situation straight away.
They gave us some stability and hope at a time when we were most vulnerable."
- Rebecca Beckwith

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Rebecca's Story

"My husband Peter was only 23 when he learned he would soon be a father for the first time.

But earlier that year he also learned he had a brain tumour.

Our doctors told us that his cancer was due to radiation from the HMAS Newcastle, a ship he proudly served on in East Timor.

Pete lived to see his son William born, then Ella, but that was a very hard time.

I had to quit work to nurse him and despite how hard he fought, he died leaving me with a 4 year old son and a 7 month old to raise on my own.

We were in a desperate financial situation with nowhere to turn for help. I had to hide my grief and worry from the kids, only to break down at night when I went to bed.

I phoned Legacy for help the day I organised Pete’s funeral. Immediately we were embraced.

Legacy gets called Australia’s largest family and it feels like that.

The Christmas after Pete passed away, Legacy made sure there were presents under the tree for the kids. I was so happy knowing the kids would have a special Christmas.

Legacy also made sure there was a present under the tree with ‘Mummy’ on it, as that was something Peter would have taken care of.

Since Pete’s death, William and Ella go on Legacy camps where they can mix with other kids who’ve lost a parent and be around male role models.

That’s so important for them both.

We have known utter despair but the future’s looking brighter. We know Legacy will always be there for us.

Our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who make that possible"

Legacy: for the families of Australia's heroes

Legacy is a unique Australian charity that looks after the widows and families of those who have lost life or health from serving in our nation’s defence.

Especially at Remembrance Day, Christmas, Australia Day, and Anzac Day, please help us look after the many widows and children of those who have risked everything to defend our country.

We use Rosemary on this page as a symbol of those who made such great sacrifices in Gallipoli in the First World War. But we remember all who have served… and look after their dependents as our special promise in their memory. Lest we forget.

How your donation helps

Looking after families takes a long term commitment.

It can only be done if funding is certain and reliable.
Help Legacy look after families of those who have lost their life or health… whether it is in the recent Iraq War, the Gulf War, East Timor, the Vietnam War, the bombing of Darwin (the Australian Pearl Harbour), Gallipoli, or any other conflict or support role.

Will you please make a donation today please?
Here’s some examples of what you donation can contribute towards:

- $80 Installs a medical alert monitoring system for a frail and aging widow
- $100 Provides a family with heating for the winter
- $150 Provides essential dental health for developing youth.
- $200 Provides trusted expert advice on family estate matters.
- $500 Takes a deceased veteran's child for a week-long holiday
- $1000 Provides a year's worth of school expenses for a deceased veteran's child

All donations to Legacy are tax deductible.

Please donate now.

What others say in support of Legacy work for widows/families in the spirit of Anzac

"Legacy do such great work and support families of ALL ages and eras. At every Poppy Day, Dawn Service, Shrine of Remembrance, Last Post, Lone Pine remembrance, or similar places and events, I pay tribute to our Anzacs and other slouch hat heroes. Please support if you can. It's very easy" Sue Pigdon

"When I was at University, I was put in charge of a Legacy school holiday camp for boys. In the process, I met several Legatees... the wonderful veterans who were looking after me and the children while I was the camp supervisor in residence (on a farm outside Canberra). The Legatees all had wonderful stories from either the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy, RAAF, or other parts of the Australian Defence Force. It was my first face-to-face contact with Legacy's work, and it was excellent as usual. Thank you Legacy Australia" Stuart McGill

Legacy is the JustGiving Australian Charity of the Year 2015.