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ESO Report

ESO Report - Melbourne Legacy

The Victorian Ex-Service Organisations' (ESOs) Mapping Project provides key recommendations to enable a more coordinated, collaborative and targeted provision of services from Victorian ESOs, so that they can meet the current and future demand from younger veterans and their families.

The project involved engaging with ESOs and actively seeking opinions from younger veterans and their families. The final report provides an overview of the needs of veterans, particularly those who have served post-1991, and their families, and the services currently available to them, which will assist federal and state governments and the ESO sector to shape future support.

To view the one page summary and the full report please click on the links below.

ESO Mapping Report Media Release - 13 February 2018

Victorian ESOs' Mapping Project Report - Summary

Victorian ESOs' Mapping Project Report

The Young Veterans Project

During the Victorian ESOs Mapping Project we invited ex-servicemen and women who have served post-1991 to share their experience in transitioning to civilian life. Each story is a unique insight into the process of transitioning from the Defence Force, and provides a way for veterans to voice their opinion on the current state of the ex-service organisation sector which will lead to positive change.

By sharing their story veterans are assisting ex-service organisations in identifying service gaps and opportunities for collaboration within the state of Victoria. This is a vital step to ensure that the necessary services are made available to all younger veterans and their families who may live in metropolitan, regional or rural areas.

To hear from more veterans about the challenges they faced while transitioning please visit www.youngveteransproject.com.au.

About Melbourne Legacy

Melbourne Legacy is dedicated to caring for families of Australian Defence Force veterans who have lost their lives or health serving their country. At a time when all may seem lost, Legacy is there to help a family or individual through the tough times and restore their confidence in the future.

Legacy's work with veterans' families can mean a child gets an education and a fair go, a widow is not disadvantaged and alone and a family is not torn apart by the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress or other physiological injuries.

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