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Legacy Week Badge Appeal
30 August - 5 September 2015

The Legacy Week Appeal aims to build awareness about the importance of Legacy’s work in the community. The campaign also hopes to raise much needed funds to assist the services that Legacy provides to 90,000 families of Australia’s deceased veterans.

Legacy is a unique Australian tradition which is born out of the trenches where a promise was made to a dying mate that “someone would look after the missus and kids.” In 2015 Legacy is asking the Australian public to help Keep The Promise to the dependants of deceased veterans buy buying a Badge or making a donation during Legacy Week.

Australia has lost just over 100,000 service men and women in all conflicts with many, many more badly injured, both mentally and physically. In WWI alone around 60,000 service men and women were killed with another 60,000 losing their lives in the following 10 years as a result of their service

Over 60,000 troops have been deployed overseas since 1999 and over 5,000 new widows of deceased veterans enrol with Legacy every year. We need the public’s assistance to ensure Legacy’s crucial services continue both now and into the future. As a matter of interest, during 2013 the number of Australians serving overseas exceeded the total number of troups who served in Vietnam, this is individuals who have served and many of those individuals include multiple tours of duty as many as five seperate deployments.

Legacy needs your support. You can do so by buying a badge, donating or even volunteering to participate in the appeal by selling Legacy badges in your local community.

We thank the public for their wonderful support to the Appeal over the years and hope that this will continue in 2015.

Legacy clubs care for widows, and dependants ranging in age between 3 weeks and 109, with all sharing the heartache of losing a loved one – either physically or mentally – which can last a lifetime.

For each serving Australian who risks everything, a family does the same, and when Legacy is needed it is ready to provide support.

Legacy’s role continues to evolve to accommodate the changing needs of the families we support, including those affected by Post Traumatic Stress, which it does while keeping the Legacy ethos that has served us proudly since 1923.


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