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Inverell Legacy

Rear Flanders House, Oliver Lane, Inverell NSW 2360

Postal address: PO Box 231, Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6722 1945

Email: inverell.legacy@


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Our services - Inverell Legacy

What we do

We provide advice and practical assistance for our widows & dependants with a disability on general welfare matters including pension entitlements & applications, special housing, medical, financial and social support.

Specifically Inverell Legacy assists in the following ways:
  • Pension applications & advocacy.
  • Information on available services.
  • Heating subsidy cheque in winter.
  • Subsidised Holidays & day trips.
  • Christmas party, hamper and cheque.
  • Financial assistance when required.
  • Personal alarms and lock boxes (to store spare keys for emergency services).
  • Low cost accommodation in the Mrs Colin Campbell Memorial Homes.We also have a social club, the Laurel Club, formed in 1981, for widows who are enrolled with Inverell Legacy. The Laurel Club has its meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Social activities start at 10.30 am with the meeting at 1.30 pm.

The Mrs Colin Campbell Memorial Homes

In July 1962, following the death of Mrs Ida V A Campbell, the Perpetual Trustee Co Ltd informed the club that Inverell Legacy, the University of New England & Inverell Red Cross Society had been named as residuary beneficiaries, after bequests to her family & numerous charitable organisations in Inverell. The club decided to invest this unexpected bequest upon receipt. It was also resolved that this money should not be frittered away over the years in general welfare work for which the club could continue to rely on donations from the public.

In February 1963, the club was informed by the Department of Social Services that it was eligible for Commonwealth aid under the Aged Persons Homes Act. In July 1963, the Mrs Colin Campbell Bequest Committee was set up to administer the fund. The Committee considered that there was a need for a housing project and in February 1968, the double block at the corner of Evans & Mansfield Streets was purchased.

In April 1969 Mr R H Lockwood, a local architect, was commissioned to draw up plans for a 10 unit building and a common room. The application to Department of Social Services for Government Assistance was presented in July 1969. Following approval from the Government, building commenced in March 1970. By February 1971, the building was almost completed. The club approached the Inverell Torchbearers and they offered to make the curtains.

As the building neared completion, consideration was given to selection of occupants: applicants were invited from all widows aged over 60 years. Ten widows in urgent need were chosen from the nineteen applicants. The units were occupied on 29th March 1971.

The overall cost of the project was $125,750.00, this came entirely from the bequest from the late Mrs Campbell, and the Government grant ($44,000.00): no money from the general public was used.

Whilst initially the Homes were only available to Inverell Legacy widows, they are now open to veterans and members of the public who have reached age pension age (regardless of whether they are receiving an aged pension). You may place your name on the waiting list by contacting our Office.


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