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Inverell Legacy

Rear Flanders House, Oliver Lane, Inverell NSW 2360

Postal address: PO Box 231, Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6722 1945

Email: inverell.legacy@



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Computer presentation

Inverell Legacy's disabled dependant, John Slattery, was one of many from across the country to benefit from a computer donated by Harvey Norman.

John was enrolled into Legacy in 2007, however, his mother, with whom he lives, was enrolled in 2004. John’s father died in 2004.

John’s disability occurred in 1966 (when he was 20). When he was younger John was a very good rugby player and worked in banking. John is an active member of Rotary in Inverell and is the timekeeper for all Junior and Senior rugby games.

Back row (left-right): President John Schmidt, Vice President Shayne O’Brien, Bruce Bartier, Immediate Past President Philip Plowman, Ian Farnsworth.
Middle row: Gus Stevens (John’s Legatee), Ben Malaquin, Dudley Willoughby, Treasurer Geoff Johnson, Office Coordinator Lyn Kitawal
Front: PWD John Slattery


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