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Inverell Legacy

Rear Flanders House, Oliver Lane, Inverell NSW 2360

Postal address: PO Box 231, Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6722 1945

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About us - Inverell Legacy

It was through the interest of Legatee H C Cooper that the work of Legacy began in Inverell.

During 1944 Colonel Munro, who was at that time President of Sydney Legacy, wrote to Mr Frank Norris asking if he could suggest someone who would be interested enough to start a branch of Legacy in Inverell.
Mr Norris passed the letter on to Mr Cooper, who was then a Vice-President of the RSL. Mr Cooper got in touch with Colonel Munro and after an exchange of correspondence, placed the matter before the Inverell Sub-Branch of the RSL for consideration. The matter was discussed at length and finally Mr Cooper was requested to go ahead and form a Committee with the object of starting a branch of Legacy in Inverell. This was done, Mr Cooper being elected the first Chairman, Mr T Stockman as Secretary & Mr L J Bevan as Liaison Officer between Legacy and the RSL.

At first, the Branch, which later became a Contact group of Sydney Legacy, progressed very slowly. Later with the addition of such men as Messers R Perry, A A Mathieson, E W Girle, A Jackson, A F Towner, O V S Wiltshire and others, the Group began to go rapidly ahead. When the Ladies Committee, known as the Torch Bearers, came into existence, Inverell Contact Group became a very live and go-ahead branch of Legacy.

In order to give Armidale Legacy sufficient numbers to form their own Club, Inverell became a Contact Group of Armidale and about two years later the Group attained adulthood when it was inaugurated by Charter from Sydney Legacy on the 15th April 1952 and became Inverell Legacy Club.

At that time there were 16 Legatees caring for 49 widows & 59 children living in the area bounded by Bundarra, Tingha, Ashford, Warialda, Bingara & Texas.

In 1955, commitments had grown to 58 widows & 71 children and committees were formed at Bingara and Warialda. In 1960, a committee was also formed at Texas.

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