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News 2015

News - Hobart Legacy

5th December Getting the feel of Christmas!

Legatee Widow Glenda Deutscher provided a dynamic presence at the Bunnings Legacy Pudding sales this Saturday. With the help of L/John McDonald, L/Bill Bouffler and L/Peter Hodge the entrance was filled with a dazzling display. Bears, pens and puddings all proved popular in the lead up to Christmas. As usual the number of sales was almost matched by the number of donations from those who know Legacy. “Thanks very much”. “That’s ok, you helped my grandmother!”

Friday 4th December, New Norfolk Widows Christmas Party

21st November, Hobart Christmas Pageant

Hobart Legacy was excited to be involved in the Hobart Christmas Parade for 2015. Our float was a World War II Army DUKW decorated in our Legacy Pudding theme. Hobart was out in force on the day with thousands lining the streets.

Our thanks go to Stephen and Kim Denholm, Scott Ragg and the many Legatees, Legacy Widows and Staff who volunteered their time to take part.

We cant wait for next year!! More photos can be found in our Gallery.

18th November, New Seats for Huon Cenotaph

Huon Acquaculture hits the spot with new seats. The successful grant for the seats was prepared by Legatee Annette Ottway, Legatee Leigh Ottway and Legatee Barry Daniel on behalf of the Huonville Widows Club. Lack of public seating at Huonville Cenotaph is no longer a worry for our aging widows.

The picture shows the Huon community groups who benefitted this year from Huonacquaculture grants. L/Barrie and L/Annette are in the front row on the left. Huonacquaculture, Environmental Manager, Mr Adam Chapman, said: ‘The company supports a wide range of community groups across the state’.

Huon Legacy widows are certainly grateful for their support this year.

Gridiron Tasmania Legacy Working Bee

Marty Rodgers (President of Gridiron Tasmania) contacted Hobart Legacy earlier this year wanting to discuss ways that the players and coaches could get involved with Hobart Legacy.

On the 17th of October a dozen members of the team gave up their weekend to take part in a working bee to tidy up some of our ladies backyards. It would be an understatement to say that the ladies lucky enough to have a visit from this group were thrilled.

Planning is already underway for the next one! Our grateful thanks to Gridiron Tasmania.

Claremont College Collects Coins

Question: How do you unpack 70,000 coins?

Answer: Ask Claremont College to help you.

When the Mercury Newspaper offered Hobart Legacy their unsold Anzac Commemorative Coins in presentation packs, it turned to Mr Patrick Sullivan and his ADF Class at Claremont College to unpack them. Having assessed the task, he arranged a much larger group of students and many staff to help out.

On Thursday 22nd September, 20 teams of 4 students stripped packaging from approximately 1000 kg of 20 cent coins in just over two hours. This remarkable achievement was due to the team work of the students who kept up their enthusiasm throughout.

Legacy would like to thank Suncorp Bank for the assistance of two bank officers who weighed and packed the coins and Tasmania Police who attended to provide security.

North Melbourne Football Club Coach Brad Scott talks of being a Legacy ward.

Click below to hear Brad’s comments at the AFL match at Blundstone Arena on Saturday, 15th August 2015.

Gellibrand Medals at TMAG

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) was very pleased to receive a donation of important medals awarded to distinguished Tasmanian soldier, Major General Sir John Gellibrand.

Gellibrand is well-known for founding the Remembrance Club in 1923, which became Legacy – the national charity devoted to supporting the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans.

TMAG is immensely grateful to Hobart Legacy and the Gellibrand family for their generous donation of medals awarded to Gellibrand as a result of the contributions he made during the Boer War and World War 1.

Gellibrand’s medals are a significant addition to the museum’s existing collection of World War medals, with his American Distinguished Service Medal being unique to TMAG.

This important group of medals complements other items related to Gellibrand already in the museum’s collection, including an oil painting of him and another of the Gellibrand children, as well as a tunic from the Boer War and his kit bag from World War 1.

Members of the public are able to see the Gellibrand medals when they are presented as part of TMAG’s World War 1 commemorative exhibition which is open now.

This exhibition will be a focal point for Tasmanians to commemorate and learn more about the impacts of the war on both Tasmania and Tasmanians, and will focus on the key theme of the ‘war at home’.

It is hoped that through the exhibition, visitors will be encouraged to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of this important part of Tasmania’s history.


On ANZAC Day L/Peter Bysouth represented Hobart Legacy at the Gretna Dawn Service and later gave an address and laid a wreath at Bothwell.

L/John and L/Helen Watling attend the service at Kempton RSL where a member of their community had sculpted a 100 years of ANZAC image from sand.

L/Gwen Oates-Clothier and four of our Legacy ladies were transported to the Hobart Cenotaph as part of the ANZAC Day march on Glen Jorgensen's restored World War II Chevrolet Blitz, much to their delight.

ANZAC DAY Luncheon

The Hobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club (pictured below) were a wonderful addition to the traditional ANZAC Day Widows' Luncheon and entertained all with a World War I themed medley of songs such as "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" and "Wish me Luck as you Wave me Goodbye".

The Legacy President, Legatee Peter Hodge presented them with a Legacy pudding afterwards, which was well received by all.

TSO Remembrance Concert
Saturday 18 April 2015

What an excellent evening this was and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

Our thanks to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra for granting us this wonderful fundraising opportunity and assisting us to promote Hobart Legacy Inc.



On Wednesday 25th March we celebrated the birthday of three widows who turn 100 this year. Above Dot Shields, Effie Matthews and Doreen Hodgeman cut their birthday cake.

Our 100 year old widows represent all war widows and especially the 1267 Legacy widows in Southern Tasmania. Nationally, Legacy cares for 70,000 widows. There are 1600 in Northern Tasmania. War widows live with the loss or incapacitation of their veteran partner. Some have lost partners and fathers in war. Most have lived with a damaged partner who returned from war. When the veteran dies, they are left to sustain their family and continue to bring up the children. Dot, Effie and Doreen were presented with flowers and cards by Ald Eva Rusicka representing the Lord Mayor and Peter Hodge the President of Hobart Legacy.

The morning tea was a very special occasion for Hobart Legacy. It not only marked the Centenary of Anzac but also the founding of the Remembrance Club in Hobart of 23 March, 1923. The occasion served to drew attention to the number of veterans in Tasmania and their families who bear the cost of war.

Honours 100 Years of ANZAC History

It is always a privilege to catch up with an iconic Australian – even more so when that person is country music legend and former Australian of Year, Lee Kernaghan.

Recently Legatee Phil Pyke caught up with Lee with the occasion being the singer’s latest album, Spirit of the ANZACS – a tribute to past and present serving men and women of the Australian Defence Force.

Proceeds from the title track of the same name will go to Legacy and Soldier On with the song-writers, artists, studio staff, ABC staff, recording studios and publishers donating time and resources.

This was a very personal project for Lee – which began with a 2013 tour of the Australian War Memorial accompanied by Tasmanian country band, The Wolfe Brothers.

“I was deeply moved by a letter I read written by Private Benjamin Chuck who died in Afghanistan,” explains Lee.

“It was one of sealed letters the soldiers of 2nd Commando Regiment were instructed by their Commanding Officer to write to be opened only if the respective soldier was killed in action.”

Pte Chuck’s letter was to his girlfriend and he asked for forgiveness for what she would be going through in reading the letter, knowing he wasn’t coming home.

"Hey, baby, I waited till the night before going out to write this. Put it off is more like it. Obviously I didn't think that I'd die. No-one does. The way I look at it is: if it's your time, it's your time. I just wanted you to know how special you are to me. You are the sweetest, kindest and prettiest girl I have ever met. I'm so happy you chose me and we got to spend the last 18 months together. I am sorry to put you through this. Please forgive me and I hope you find someone down the track to make you happy, although matching me will be a hard task. You'll always be with me, my love, and I with you."

“These words ignited a fire in me and this project was born,” Lee told On Service.

Coming on board was long-time music producer, Garth Porter, and the album came to life using letters from the front as the basis for all the songs.

Lee and Garth were granted unique access to the Australian War Memorial archive, collecting letters penned by diggers to their loved ones at home and spanning World War I to the present day. Each song on the 16-track recording is inspired by one of these real letters.

“This is some of the most powerful material that I’ve ever had the privilege to record in my career”, said Lee.

“The album takes you on a real journey, from the trenches of the Western Front to the bombing of Darwin, Kokoda, Long Tan, and the dust of Uruzgan Province in Afghanistan.

“It is a project that goes to the heart of who we are as a nation.”

Recorded in Sydney’s Rancom Street Studio, Lee says this album is a tribute to those that have given their lives, those who have served, and those that still today step bravely into the unknown to serve our country.

“Every nation has its story. This is ours,” said the Director of the Australian War Memorial, Dr Brendan Nelson.

The Australian War Memorial assisted Lee and Garth with the project by providing access to the material, including Pte Chuck’s very personal letter.

“From the bloody Gallipoli landing to the dusty deserts of Afghanistan, precious war letters held at the Australian War Memorial have inspired this moving tribute from one of Australia’s great story tellers, Lee Kernaghan,” Dr Nelson said.

“The spirit of the men and women who wrote them, their courage and sacrifice lives in these songs – and in us.”

Tasmania’s Teddy Sheehan (RAN) and brothers, Fredrick (RAAF) and Harry Keck (RAAF attached RAF), are immortalized in this living memorial through the songs Forever Eighteen and Being Your Sons.

Fred Smith’s title track “Dust of Uruzgan” from his album of the same name is sung with Lee – a song that resonates strongly with a generation of younger veterans.

Legatee Pyke said listening to the album draws one across ten decades of service and sacrifice by Australian servicemen and women.

“This is indeed a fantastic album – every song touches you in a personal way. Lee should be commended for his drive to produce this album in this Centenary year.”

“I am pleased to speak with Lee Kernaghan about this project as I was at the Canberra concert following his tour at the Australian War Memorial and know how the visit personally impacted.”

The album includes Australian artists such as Lisa McCune, Fred Smith, Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll, John Schuman, Sara Storer and Megan Washington.

Lee said a national tour was planned around the Centenary of ANZAC with Tasmania included with yet unconfirmed dates around September/October. Release date of the album, Spirit of the ANZACS, is set for March 13th.

Lee Kernaghan with Tasmania's Wolfe Brothers and AWM Director Brendan Nelson

26th January, 2015 Australia Day Festivities

Hobart Legacy Past President Graeme Manning represented the club at the twilight ceremonies at Darling Harbour on Australia Day, 2015. Legatee Manning is 4th from the right in the gathering of club representative honoured by the NSW Government. The ceremony acknowledged and thanked the thousands of Legatees who have volunteered their time and resources to the Legacy family.


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