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Hobart Legacy

Legacy House, 159 Macquarie Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: (03) 6234 6581

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Hobart Legacy Facts

About Us - Hobart Legacy

Hobart Legacy - Facts

  • The club has about 77 Legatees, most of whom are returned veterans.

  • The average age of Legatees is 69. Some who joined in the early years after World War II have maintained their commitment for over 50 years.

  • Membership is now open to any person who is motivated to help the ex-service community. We do need fresh blood each year and so inquiries are most welcome.

  • The Badge of Legacy symbolises in its torch the undying flame of service and sacrifice handed to us by our comrades in war who have passed away.

  • Legacy stands proudly by its principle of carrying out all work voluntarily and donations are streamed to the direct benefit of widows and children. In the 11 months to May, Hobart Legacy received just under $36,500 in donations from the public. Expenditure over the same period on Hobart Legacy beneficiaries was over $63,000. Of this amount over $35,000 went to our Junior Legacy Children in the way of education grants.

  • Sponsors, such as Telstra, the Commonwealth Bank, Billy Tea, Woolworths and Thales generously back the promotion costs of Legacy Week. Other support is sought to cover ongoing administrative expenses.

  • Legatees meet their own costs directly, and those of their invited guests, at any function.

  • This year grants from the Department of Veterans' Affairs are much appreciated as they greatly support our Pensions work and office administration.

Hobart Legacy - More Facts

  • During last year we enrolled 53 new widows and we see this as ongoing. Currently we care for 23 Junior Legatees between one year and 24 years of age.
  • We therefore have a continuing need to support our beneficiaries.
  • We have six Widows clubs strategically placed across southern Tasmania.
  • There are around ninety Friends of Hobart Legacy.


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