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Hamilton & District Legacy

Legacy House, 69 Kennedy Street, Hamilton VIC 3300

Postal address: PO Box 258, Hamilton VIC 3300

Phone: (03) 5571 1899

Email: legacy@


About Us

About Us - Hamilton and District Legacy

Club Contact Details

Hamilton & District Legacy
69 Kennedy Street
Hamilton Victoria 3300

PO Box 258
Hamilton Victoria 3300

Open hours are 9.00 AM - 12.30 Tuesday and Friday. Except for Public Holidays

Telephone (03) 5571 1899

E-mail: Legacy@legacyhamilton.com.au

Hamilton & District Legacy

Office Bearers:

Legatee Joan Evans
Senior Vice President:
Junior Vice President:
Honorary Secretary:
Legatee Annie Sparke
Honorary Treasurer :
Legatee Bill Garrett
Executive Officer:
Caryl Spencer
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Monthly meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6.30pm.

Portland Group

Chairman: Legatee Clyde Aley
Vice Chairman: Legatee Gerald Foken
Secretary: Legatee Mike Pitman
Treasurer: Legatee Lyn McNaughton

Hamilton & District Legacy - History

Early in 1946, W.M.(Don) Melville, who had recently settled in Hamilton after the 1939-45 war, made contact with Ararat Legacy and offered his services in any capacity approved of to assist the work of Legacy in Hamilton and the District West of Hamilton, which then came under the control of the Ararat Legacy Club.

Melville’s offer was accepted and he was requested to enlist the aid of Evan Watson (Coleraine) and R. Chapman (Hamilton), both prominent in R.S.S. and A.I.L.A. circles in making a survey of families who were eligible for Legacy aid and assistance.

This survey which was promptly undertaken revealed a considerable number of families whose names were unknown to Ararat Legacy and in order to minister to their care, Ararat Legacy requested Melville to nominate further suitable returned servicemen to assist in acting as contactors for the Ararat Club.

Dr. K. F. O’Donnell, W. Langham-Proud and H. L. McCurdy were so nominated and they, along with Melville, Watson and Chapman were appointed as contactors and on the first day of May 1947 were admitted to full membership of Ararat Legacy Club.

Stewart Malseed was admitted on the 3rd of July the same year.

The Legacy responsibilities in the district, which is now administered by Hamilton & District Legacy Club, continued to grow rapidly and in August, 1947, Legatee Melville suggested that Ararat Legacy hold its next monthly meeting at Hamilton with a view to consider the work being done in the Hamilton District warrant the establishment of a new Legacy Club to be known as Hamilton Legacy.

Ararat Legacy duly met in Hamilton on the 6th of September, 1947 and it was decided unanimously to sponsor the formation of a club to be known as Hamilton Legacy and in due course the issue of a Charter was approved.

The Hamilton members of Ararat Legacy then met and nominated the following form with themselves the inaugural members of Hamilton Legacy :- R.W.S. Dart (Hamilton), B.F.Egan (Portland), E.K.Gray (Hamilton, J.H.Leishman (Hamilton), J.I.H.Murrell (Portland), J.W.Nash (Coleraine), J.F.Snugden (Hamilton), H.O.Young (Hamilton).

On January 31st, 1948, Legatee Duckworth, President of Ararat Legacy, initiated the above new members into the ranks of Hamilton Legacy and Legatee Melville (elected as the inaugural President) received from Legatee Edgar Sherwen (President of Melbourne Legacy) the Charter of Hamilton Legacy, granted by by the Co-Ordinating Council.

Hamilton Legacy was now the 27th Legacy Club to be formed in Australia.

On the 13th of September, 1957, the Portland Group of Hamilton & District Legacy was inaugurated with Legatee W. Jenkin as first Chairman and Legatees R.I.Clayfield, T.P.Dufty, B.F.Egan, I.Murrell, W.Newitt, O.Parker, R.H.Sutton and A.O.Williams as Foundation Group Members.

In 1965 the Widows club adopted the title of Laurel Club. The Laurel Club then met monthly for comradeship and entertainment.

Legacy Lodge in Portland was completed in January 1964 and opened by Sir Charles McKay on the 25th.
The Lodge was built to:-
1. To provide camps for Legacy Children.
2. Provide a holiday home for widows and families.
3. Hold meetings of the Legacy Club.

In December 1982, a House in Kennedy St Hamilton was purchased for the price of $22,500.
This residence was converted into an office and function area.
The purchase meant Hamilton Legacy had a permanent home, instead of moving from rented accommodation to rented accommodation, no fewer than on six occasions.
Meetings were also held at Hamilton Base Hospital.

Renovations started on the 15th of August 1999 and have continued until the present day. (2010). The house has now been converted into an excellent office complex, function centre and entertainment area for Legatees, Laurel Clubs and Widows alike.


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