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Grafton Legacy

139 Fitzroy Street, Grafton NSW 2460

Postal address: PO Box 166, Grafton NSW 2460

Phone: (02) 6642 2669

Email: graftonlegacy@


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About us - Grafton Legacy

A brief history of Grafton Legacy

In 1946 the idea of a personal contact group was initiated by two Grafton country members of Sydney Legacy – Legatee BT Barnes and later Legatee RE Dawborn. In the year ending 30 April 1948 action had been initiated by Sydney Legacy which it was hoped would lead to the formation of a group in Grafton.

The inaugural meeting of the Grafton Legacy Group occurred on Wednesday 6 April, 1949 at the office of Messrs Barnes and Young in Prince Street, and the following were declared Foundation members of the Contact group – Messrs BT Barnes Chairman, AA Lipman, CW Schaeffer, RT Maxwell, TP Glynn, MJ Hutchison, WB Bailey-Tart, E Blackshaw, AA McArthur, P Tucker, D Law, CJ Shaw Secretary, Dr WH Charlton, Dr MS Truscott, and Dr RR McDonald Treasurer.

On the recommendation of Sydney Legacy, Legacy Co-ordinating Council granted a Club Charter and this was presented at the Inaugural Dinner on 23 May 1953, to the Foundation President AA Lipman. Founding members were Messrs A Lipman, L Abrahams. E Blackshaw, M Hutchison, T Glynn, G Kemp, D Law, R Maxwell, C Schaeffer, J Stoner, C Shaw, L Shea, P Tucker, Dr M Truscott, C Wulff, A Thomas, C Paine, L McIntosh, H Fay, Dr L Wherrett.


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