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Coffs Coast Legacy

55 Victoria Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone: 1300 LEGACY (534 229)

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About us - Coffs Harbour Legacy

Club History

Legacy was first discussed at a meeting of Coffs Harbour Sub-branch of R.S.S. & A.I.L.A in 1947. It was resolved that the Sub-branch contact Sydney Legacy and seek their advice. Sydney Legacy suggested that a liaison officer be appointed. The Sub-branch Treasurer, Digger Harry Burgess was deputed to act in the capacity suggested.

A Contact Group was formed in 1950 with Legatee R R MacDonald as Chairman, Harry Burgess as Honorary Secretary, Fred Pulling, Fred Small and Bob Seamour as contactors. These gentlemen were accepted as Legatees. Legatee MacDonald was chairman of the Contact Group for the full period of its existence. When it was first formed the activities of the Contact Group were centered at Coffs Harbour, but gradually, as the need arose these were extended to other parts of the district and contactors were enlisted at Sawtell, Urunga, Bellingen, Dorrigo, and Woolgoolga. Legatee John Lane succeeded Legatee Burgess as Honorary Secretary, followed by Legatees Rev Arch Balmer, Rob Seamour and Allan Crawford.

Coffs Harbour Torchbearers for Legacy was formed in 1959 under the able chairmanship of Mrs Del Patterson and proved to be, and still is a wonderful adjunct to Legacy in fund raising, badge selling during Legacy Appeal Week and in their friendliness to wards of Legacy.

Sawtell not to be outdone by their sisters in Coffs Harbour, formed a Torchbearers for Legacy in 1967 and have excelled themselves in the art of fundraising, badge selling during Appeals Week and generally assisting the Legacy Club in its work.

In 1963 the Contact Group resolved that it was time to become an autonomous club. Application was made to Sydney Legacy for a charter so that Coffs Harbour could become a club in its own right. In May 1963 the President of Sydney Legacy, Legatee A.S. Chapman and one of his Vice Presidents visited us to give us the once over. The heavens opened. They became flood bound and a week or more went by before they could leave. Needless to say they blamed Rainy MacDonald for the excessive downpours.

Our application for a charter was favourably considered and duly granted.

At an impressive ceremony on the Nineteenth Day of October, 1963 in the Guides Hall, High Street, Coffs Harbour, before a gathering of representatives of office bearers of Sydney Legacy, Brisbane Legacy, neighbouring Legacy Clubs and Contact Groups, the M.H.R. for Cowper, the President of Coffs Harbour Shire and Right Rev Mark McAlpine B.A. Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, Mr W.R. Weeley M.L.A., Mr J.H. Brown M.L.A., leading citizens and friends of Legacy.

The President of Sydney Legacy, Legatee C.S. Downes, presented to Legatee R.R. MacDonald the Charter for Coffs Harbour Legacy Club to become autonomous and be known as Coffs Harbour Legacy Club. It is the 45th Legacy Club in Australia.

Office Bearers 2019/2020

Legatee Patrick Magann
Legatee Jeremy Nash
Vice President
Legatee Bob Denner
Legatee Barbara Ainley
Legatee Bernard Swales
Brenda Bale


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