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Bendigo Legacy

11 Mackenzie Street, Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: (03) 5443 6332

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Events - Bendigo Legacy

Bendigo Legacy runs several events during the year to raise funds for Legacy’s work and awareness of Legacy. These include:

Legacy Week

"Keep the Promise Campaign" 2 - 8 September 2012

Since 1923 Legacy has kept their promise to look after the families of deceased veterans. Buy a badge during Legacy Week and together we can keep the promise. Donate at any Commonwealth Bank branch, call 1800 534 229 or visit legacy.com.au.

Click here to Donate Now online.

Legacy Week is always an important time in our Club, as it is in any Legacy Club. This is when we ask the public
to support us financially so that we may keep our promise to care for the dependents of our deceased veterans.

We are indebted to the following who assist us with badge sales and without whom we would be unable to honour our charter: Naval Cadets, Air Force Cadets, Army Cadets and Vietnam Veterans.

Along with the foregoing, we are also indebted to the following who contribute financially: Bendigo Bank, Bendigo Insurance Brokers and Philip J. Eddy and Partners Pty.

Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award

The Regional Final for the Bendigo Legacy Junior Public Speaking Awards was held at Legacy House Bendigo on Tuesday 5th June 2012.

This event is for students between the ages of 12 to 14 years. Entry is free and the public are encouraged to attend and hear these talented students speak.

For further information, please contact your local Club or Lisa Bennett, Secretary Executive Services - Melbourne Legacy.

Widows Luncheon at the Marong Maiden Gully Lions Club

Annually Marong Maiden Gully Lions Club entertains 40 of our widows at a luncheon which includes entertainment. This event has happened for the past ten years. This year they have increased this event and have had 3 such events meaning 120 of our widows have been catered for. The ladies are picked up from their homes, fed a 3 course meal, entertained and returned home. All this done cheerfully, compassionately in good Aussie style.

Christmas Afternoon Tea for Our Widows

All our widows receive a calendar each Christmas and for the last three years they are invited to afternoon tea and are entertained by the Emu Creek Bush Band and the Bendigo Bush Dance and Music Dance Club.

Widows Birthdays

Each of our widows receives a Birthday Card on their birthday.


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