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4390 Widows 82 Children 73 Persons with disabilities as at September 2020

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Adelaide Legacy

Legacy House 102-104 Franklin Street Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address: Box 1367 GPO Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8231 9812

Email: reception@


Our Services

Our services - Adelaide Legacy

Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill provides a range of care and support services to its widow(er)s and children/youth including assistance and advice on accommodation, home maintenance and safety, general welfare matters and pensions, help with accessing medical and welfare services, assistance with education and life opportunities for children and youth and provides practical assistance, and financial assistance to those in need.

A Community Services Worker and a Pensions Co-ordinator are usually present to provide advice and assistance at Legacy House each day during normal business hours.

Widow(er)s and dependant children of veterans who died on operational service or subsequently, and family members of the Australian Defence Force who die or are incapacitated as a result of their service are eligible to receive Legacy benefits. Widows of WWII veterans who served in Australia only are now also eligible for Legacy benefits.

Legacy Widows' Clubs

Legacy Widows’ Clubs support widows by facilitating comradeship, combating loneliness and fostering a spirit of self help under the umbrella of Legacy. Approximately 25% of our widows are members of the 55 Legacy Widows’ Clubs/Social Groups located throughout SA and Broken Hill. These Clubs/Social Groups provide a most important service to our widows and a very valuable level of support to Legacy activities.

The Clubs are run by the widows themselves but come under the umbrella of Adelaide Legacy and operate under a Constitution issued by Legacy. Each is supported as necessary and assisted by their Legatee Liaison Officer.

Click here for a list of Widows Clubs, their locations and meeting times.

Legacy Social Groups

For those Legacy widows who still want to have social interaction with other Legacy widows, but without the structure and formality of a Legacy Widows Club, an alternative is a Legacy Social Group. These Groups still provide the benefits outlined above, but without the requirement for Office Bearers, Minutes of meetings or financial reporting.

There are currently only 14 such groups, but we expect the number to grow considerably over the coming years.



Clare & Districts


Mt Barker

Pt Augusta

Pt Broughton


Tailem Bend


Younger Widows
For details of meeting place & times contact Legacy House on 08 8231 9812.

Activities at Legacy House, Adelaide

Widows' Activities:

One of our Legacy Widows Clubs meets regularly at Legacy House and there are occasional other social events for Legacy Widows.

New members would be welcome to join any of these activities.

If you would like more information on any of the above please contact Legacy on 8231 9812.

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