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357 Active
72 Reserve as at April 2019



5161 Widows 81 Children 71 Persons with disabilities as at April 2019

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Adelaide Legacy

Legacy House 102-104 Franklin Street Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address: Box 1367 GPO Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8231 9812

Email: reception@



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Legacy Beneficiary Annaliese Abela and Legacy President Meredith Wyles on the FiveAA show, 'Afternoons with Alan Hickey'.

Legacy Club of Adelaide 90 Year Anniversary

Legacy Club of Adelaide is celebrating 90 years of service. Keeping our promise to look after the families of those who served in war and/or peacekeeping and lost their life or their health to protect our freedom, our country!

We are doing more, not only do we remember the fallen but we protect their families and their rights.

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