Where's my Dad

Where's my Dad - Legacy

12 February 2013

Valencia, Mount Tarampa QLD

My father died when I was 4 and half years old. I had a younger brother and 2 younger sisters. The baby of our family was born after our Dad died so he never got to meet her. Because of his Army service we become Legacy children.
My first memories of Legacy is of a really nice man coming to visit us with boxes of food and offers of help for my Mother he was our assigned Legatee. But my Mother could not cope with 4 small children so she took us to our maternal Grandmothers house and left us there.
Every Friday night Hobart Legacy had a get together for the children and a few times I went along and thoroughly enjoyed mixing with other children who had also lost their Dads. We had been given a new Legatee who would call in to check on us from time to time.
As a child I loved Christmas for two reasons, the first naturally was that we would get presents, the second was thanks to Legacy. Every year they had a Christmas camp which I and my brother and sisters attended as they become old enough to go. It was at my last Legacy camp that I met my husband. Those camps were the best days of my young life.

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