Tram stop number 2

Tram stop number 2 - Legacy

29 April 2013

Margaret, Merimbula NSW

We lived in Brisbane and after our Dad died in 1957, we were looked after by a very nice man from Legacy called Mr Wilson.
On Saturday mornings, my young brother and I, dressed in our smart white Legacy uniforms would take several trams from our place in Holland Park to Auchenflower on the opposite side of Brisbane to attend Legacy activities.
As this was such a long time ago my memories are sketchy but I do recall gymnastics, basket weaving, leather work and athletics but my fondest memory is of the sweet shop which was right where we had to change trams in the city. There were so many beautiful sweets to buy but my eyes would always be glued to the fat and shiny red sugar-coated peanuts and I would buy a small amount and savour them all the way to Legacy and probably not give any to my brother. I remember how divine they tasted and I would look forward to our Saturday mornings and that second tram stop.
I'm now semi-retired in Merimbula and have become a Legatee in our local branch to try to give back some of the love and support Legacy gave to my mother, my brothers and I in those sad days following Dad's death.

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