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Remembrance Day Appeal 2014

Remembrance Day Appeal 2014 - Legacy

Back in 1918, The Armistice, recognising the end of hostilities of World War 1, was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month.

Now on November 11, Remembrance Day is observed with a minutes silence to pay gratitude to those who died, especially soldiers with ‘no known grave’. Today, as we prepare to honour our brave fallen heroes, I ask you to please support the families of those veterans who have given their lives or health in service of our nation.

Currently Legacy assists 70,000 widows and 1,700 dependants nationally, with our promise of unconditional lifelong support, ranging from advocacy, protection of basic needs and financial aid for children’s education, after they have been deprived of the person who is often a family’s sole breadwinner.

In the most urgent need of help are young families as their financial and emotional situation is so precarious. Your donation will provide them with the vital assurance that someone will be by their side now and into the future whenever they require it. Importantly your kind donation will also mean Legacy can be there for our older widows facing a very difficult and vulnerable time alone.

Here are just a few of the stories of families helped by your support for Legacy.

Jacky Gavin simply wrote “our hearts are broken” after her husband and “best friend” Lance Corporal Luke Gavin was killed by an Afghan National Army soldier at his base camp in Kandahar, Afghanistan in October 2011.

His death left Jacky and their three young children – Josh, then 7, Holly, 5, and Olivia, 7 months – extremely vulnerable. Jacky relocated from Luke’s base in Townsville to Sydney so the children could be closer to male family members in the absence of their dad and they were helped to settle into their new home with Legacy’s guidance, advocacy and financial relief. “Legacy was so good to us,”says Jacky. “I feel blessed."

Young Jack Galagher never met the dad who adored him even before he was born. Special Forces soldier Private Nathanael ‘Nate’ Galagher’s last goodbye to his unborn son is a particularly emotional memory for Jack’s mother, Nate’s partner Lance Corporal Jessie Feeney.

Jessie says:
“I was holding on to Nate and I didn’t want him to walk away. We had named our unborn son Jack. Tragically two months before little Jack’s arrival, Corporal Galagher was killed in a helicopter crash in August 2012 during a mission in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

Since then help from Legacy has given a more stable life to Jessie and Jack. Their loss can never be eased but the practical assistance means a lot to both.

Jack will also get Legacy’s ongoing assistance for his schooling and education. It’s definitely a sense of security knowing they’ll be there to help for the rest of Jacks life.”

Rachael Sprigg-McKinnie will always cherish her “beautiful and gentle” Lance Corporal Mervyn ‘Merv’ McDonald. His death in August 2012 alongside Corporal Galagher on his sixth tour to Afghanistan stole their dreams to have a family and the wonderful future they’d planned together.

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Seeing the difference your contributions can make and in recognition of the debt of gratitude we all owe, please send a donation to Legacy this Remembrance Day… and thank-you for being part of a happier and more hopeful future for these deserving people.

Lest We Forget.

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