Protection for defence force families

Protection for defence force families - Legacy

Defence, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations are inherently dangerous activities. Australia’s sailors, soldiers and airmen and women know that in the event of death on service, when preparing for service, or subsequent to service, Legacy is there to provide safety, care and support for their families. This level of support is highly regarded and valued throughout the Australian Defence Force and the Australian community.

Praise from a deployed member of the defence force

"I am Captain Kieran Vidal, an engineer operations officer. I joined the Australian Defence Force after completing my secondary studies and have been in the Army for over a decade. I have a beautiful wife, Katie, and we are the proud parents of a young family.

I am currently deployed in the Middle East, and I am proud to be serving in this way; it is what I have trained for, although at times I wonder what would happen to my family should the worst happen.

The defence force’s operational involvement has increased dramatically in the last decade. There are many young servicemen and women being deployed overseas and their families could require Legacy’s services. As defence force personnel, it provides great comfort to all to know that there is a support network available to our families if and when it is needed. Not just for a week or a month, but for a lifetime.

From a personal perspective, I serve with the Army to contribute to Australia’s safety and security. It is a huge relief to know that, in return, the Australian community bands together to support our families, through Legacy, if it is ever needed.

Through my line of work I know of people who are supported by Legacy, and I have seen first hand the important role this wonderful organisation plays in families’ lives.

Legacy has stood by the families of our deceased veterans since 1923. It is one of our most trusted and respected charities, and relies on public support to enable it to look after around 60,000 beneficiaries, with 96% of them being elderly widows throughout Australia.

As a serving member of your defence force, I ask that you keep in mind the wonderful work Legacy does and the peace of mind this gives us on operations."

Captain Kieran Vidal

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