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Legacy Australia appoints new CEO

JUNE 2018

Legacy Australia Incorporated is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Scott Warr as CEO.

Legacy is a unique and iconic charity that for 95 years has been dedicated to the welfare of families following the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force serve.

Mr Warr has over 30 years broad experience in the military, private and public sector in Australia and overseas, and brings a wealth of expertise with strengths in areas such as leadership, strategic planning, and legislative compliance.

Legacy Australia Chairman, Rick Cranna, OAM, said:
“It is clear that Scott shares in our core values. As an ex-service and family man himself, he understands the promise that underpins our organisation, in caring for our widow(er)s and families”.

Media Release

Macquarie Mint's corporate donation


The Macquarie Mint have been a supportive partner of the Legacy Australia office for 6 years. Throughout these years of support they have raised more than $200,000. Macquarie Mint have been selling exclusive commemorative coin collections, the first collection honours the centenary of WWI, to raise the money for Legacy.

Legacy Australia would like to acknowledge the support that The Macquarie Mint have provided over these years and would like to continue this partnership in the years to come.

"We would like to thank Macquarie Mint for having donated more than $200,000 over the last six years, helping Legacy to care for the families of those who served their country."
Rick Cranna, Chairman, Legacy Australia Inc.

Media Release


Macquarie Mint

Helping widows navigate care changes

24 AUGUST 2017

Working in collaboration with Legacy Australia, Bolton Clarke has developed and launched a dedicated service, supporting the work already undertaken by Legatees.

"The Legacy Navigator service provides support with everything from understanding how to be assessed for eligibility through to selecting a provider and paying for the services."

Tony Ralph, Chairman, Legacy Australia Inc.

Media Release

Bolton Clarke

Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge - Outward Bound Camp

JULY 2017

Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge 2017 (OP LAKC 17) reached a significant milestone recently, by bringing together Legacy youth from across Australia and their Australian Defence Force (ADF) Mentors for the first time on Exercise POPONDETTA PRELUDE.

OP LAKC 17 is a joint initiative which will see ADF Members mentor Legacy youth in a leadership development challenge, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign by walking the Kokoda Trail during Legacy Week (August/September) 2017.

If you or your organisation would like to make a tax-deductable donation in support of this unique project, head to:

Legacy Australia is most grateful for our OP LAKC 17 corporate supporters QinetiQ Australia, Thales and Peet Limited.

Pilatus donates $10,000 from limited edition polo

April 2017

Pilatus created a limited edition polo shirt in support of Legacy Australia.

To support the introduction of the PC-21 to the Australian Defence Force, Pilatus Aircraft Limited released a limited edition polo shirt commemorating the trainer aircraft into service with the RAAF this year.

Special guest, Mr Rob Oliver of Pilatus presenting the cheque to Legacy Australia Chairman, Tony Ralph

Westpac donates $500,000 to Legacy education fund

4 April 2016

Legacy Australia joined Westpac and News Corp to announce support for veterans and their families in the lead up to Anzac Day this year. Held at the Victoria Barracks on Monday, the announcement included a $500,000 donation to help with the education and development of partners and families of veterans who have suffered loss of life or health. On the day, News Corp also launched their Learn the Legend Anzac coin collection, available with purchase of their newspapers. Legacy thank Westpac and News Corp for their support.

Special guest, Legacy Ambassador Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG addresses attendees at a morning tea at the Officers Mess, Victoria Barracks.

Legacy joins launch of Australian Military Bank

11 January 2016

Legacy has been named one of four beneficiaries of the Military Rewards program, developed for the launch of the Australian Military Bank.

An official launch was held on December 4 at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Outgoing Legacy Australia Chairman David Gray joined special guest Chief of Defence, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin AC and Australian Military Bank CEO John Ford, along with Robyn Collins (DefenceCare), Simon Sauer (Mates4Mates), and John Bale (Soldier On) at the launch.

Military Rewards account holders can nominate Legacy as their preferred charity to receive any cents swept from the account monthly, an amount which is matched by the bank.

Find out more about this initiative

DVA auction of memorabilia raises $7850 for Legacy

6 January 2016

Staff from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) held a silent auction at the end of 2015, with $7850 raised for Canberra Legacy.

Items auctioned were an eclectic collection of memorabilia that had accumulated in cupboards since the DVA moved into their Woden Valley office in 1974. Treasures included framed prints, clothing from commemorative missions and random curios given to staff by representatives of other organisations. A pair of carved wooden ducks, acquired in Canada and left behind by a previous staff member years ago, attracted the single highest bid of the auction.

The impetus for the auction was the impending relocation of the Department to its new premises in Genge Street, Canberra. Details of the new address will be posted on when the relocation is complete later this month.

Pictured: President of Canberra Legacy, Bill Rolfe accepting the cheque from DVA Secretary, Simon Lewis.

Merriwa continues tradition of donating ANZAC rosemary

22 April 2014

Just in case you missed the story on the ABC featuring John Penninger, the rosemary farmer from Merriwa, here's the link! Once again thank you John and the good folk from Merriwa for your ongoing support.

Read the full story here

Thales Somers Camp

Thales graduate Thuan-Jin Kee recently spent 12 days as a volunteer at Melbourne Legacy's Somers Disability Camp, hoping to brighten the lives of those in need.

Read the full story here

Thales Young Endeavour Competition

As a national partner of Legacy, and member of the wider Defence community, Thales is again excited to offer two junior Legatees, between 16 - 20 years old, the experience of a lifetime as a crew member aboard STS Young Endeavour.

Thales’s two billets are for the voyage departing Brisbane on Friday, 25 July 2014 arriving into Sydney on Monday, 4 August 2014.

The youth development program offered aboard Young Endeavour is considered to be a life changing experience. Participants develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills and learn the values of community responsibility.

For more information
click here, complete the attached entry form and tell us in 200 words or less why you would like to be a crew member on Young Endeavour.

Applications close on Friday, 8 May. Winners will be notified on Thursday, 15 May.

Please note eligibility rules and conditions apply.

A Battle On The Home Front

23 August 2013

James Nash is a seventeen-year-old student at Coonabarabran High School and was runner-up in the University of Western Sydney Whitlam Institute’s student writing contest with this piece titled Battle on the Home front.

Despite what you might think, the piece is NOT autobiographical, he drew his inspiration, knowledge and uncanny understanding of the difficulties faced after active service purely from television programs and newspaper articles.

   He said he wrote the piece to try and promote awareness of what these men go through on their return home and the lack of understanding on how to deal with PTSD.

“The programs I watched and the newspaper stories I read really had me thinking about what happens after these men get home and try to fit back into normal life,’’ he said.

“Physically they look okay so nobody really knows how much they are suffering. It would be so hard to have your dad home but yet not really have him there as he is such a different person. PTSD has a huge effect on the whole family and so much needs to be done for them.

“I really hope everybody gets behind Legacy Week and buys a badge or does whatever they can to help these brave men and women who have fought for our country.’’

James won $200 prize money, which was awarded by the NSW Governor and Sydney Legacy Patron Marie Bashir. James hopes to become a lawyer after finishing Year 12.

Battle on the Home Front

Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of my Dad and me. He was always full of life and laughter; his motto, “if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?” Dad was my rock; when I fell and cut my knee, when I was feeling down, he would always cheer me up.

When I was ten dad joined the army. He said it was “just for show”; he would never be called into active service. Then war broke out. Dad said he was going to a place called Afghanistan to fight against Al Qaeda. Strange words, faraway places, none of it seemed real...

Mum and I are celebrating, we’ve just heard that dad is coming home, it’s been four years and I had begun to think dad would never come back. Mum had always told me he would but I could see her worry; whenever Dad called she would go to her room and lock the door. She would stay in there for hours and come out shaky and frail. It doesn’t matter now though, Dad will be back and he will get her right again, everything will be ok.

I’m worried about my Dad. He’s been back for a week now and it’s nothing like I thought it would be. I could see something was wrong, there were stress lines on his face that looked like they were drawn with a scapel.

It got worse when I came home from school on Monday; I pushed open the front door and walked down the hall when I heard sobbing from the office. I looked through the door,


I called hesitantly. I could see him on the floor, curled into a ball, his clothes crumpled. He was sobbing, tears running down his face in a flood. I sprinted over to him,

“Dad, are you ok?”

This is a stupid question, of course he isn’t ok, and anyone can see that. I bend down and hug him.

“Dad its ok there’s nothing to hurt you here”.

This is so wrong why am I here comforting my father, how many other children do this? Slowly he composes himself; I stay and wrap my arms around him. We don’t move for what seems hours but couldn’t have been more than ten minutes.

I get dad on his feet and walk him to his room. Im only just holding it together, my fear for my Dad threatens to break through and come out in a rush of tears, screaming and anger. I lay him down on his bed, turn and run to the sanctuary of my room and I don’t fight the flood any longer. I’m still lying on my floor hours later when Mum comes home.

I jump up and run to her.

“Mum I’m so worried for dad, he’s going crazy, I don’t know what to do”.

I see the worry etched into her face and immediately regret my bluntness.

“I know, don’t worry we’ll get him treatment, we will get him better…

I'm still thinking about Dad hours later and realise that war isn’t a thousand kilometres away, it isn’t in some far away land and it doesn’t end when a soldier returns home. I think about this and wonder about the other families with returned soldiers; how they are fighting a silent war against completely different and far worse foes than terrorists.

War doesn’t end when the soldier returns home. A new one simply begins and it starts when a returned soldier doesn’t receive the compassionate treatment they need to address the scars of combat.

Australia's Favourite Recipes

Looking for a gift idea? How about Leila McKinnon’s cook book, Australia’s Favourite Recipes?

A percentage of proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to Legacy.

Look out for the recipes included from some of our Legacy widows, young and old.

The book is available from all good book shops now.

Happenings at London Legacy

May 2013

Did you know Legacy has a presence in London? London Legacy helps to support families of both Australian and New Zealand service personnel living in Europe.

For more information please read their latest newsletter

Legacy’s badge of honour aims to raise half a million dollars this ANZAC week

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Legacy is calling on Australians to show their support of our veterans and their families by wearing a new rosemary badge – and help raise $500,000 in the process.

The sprig of rosemary has been worn on the lapels of Australians for generations as a sign of remembrance and respect for our fallen diggers from the Gallipoli campaign. This year, Legacy has created a new commemorative rosemary badge which Aussies can buy to show their respect and raise much needed funds during ANZAC week.

Exclusively available at Woolworths supermarkets, proceeds from the sale of the badges will help Legacy’s ongoing work to provide services to Australian families suffering financially and socially after the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service.

here to read the full release.

How you can support our troops this Anzac Day

19 March 2013

In the lead-up to Anzac Day, the ADF are asking you to show your support for our troops deployed overseas by sending an email message to These messages are widely circulated and much appreciated by Defence members.

The ADF also encourages the public to consider making a lasting contribution to personnel who have deployed, and their families, by making a donation. You can donate to Legacy here:

You can also support by sending a care package, one of the preferred methods, to our troops so they receive items to remind them of home. For all the details on sending a care package please click here: (cut-off date is 12 April).

Raise your glass to Raise a Glass

October 2012

Legacy would like to thank VB, who once again donated a massive $1 million to Legacy and the RSL from their Raise a Glass Appeal.

Pictured here is Chairman of Legacy Australia, Charles Wright gratefully accepting our cheque from VB CEO, Ari Mervis and Marketing Director, Andy Gibson.

Rotary-wing girls do it for Legacy

October 2012

Australia’s Rotary Wing Group in Afghanistan has found a unique way to raise funds for Legacy, and raise morale among its members at the same time.

Christening each of its helicopters with a unique name and adding WWII-inspired nose art to their aircraft is the basis of the project.

Funds for Legacy are then raised through the sale of commemorative and collectable patches reflecting that art.

The full collection of patches currently stands at six, with at least one new Chinook expected in theatre next year to replace one recently lost in a heavy-landing incident.

'Rough and Ready' adorns the helicopter currently in Kandahar, which is undergoing a major servicing.

Among the previous ‘girls’ in the fleet, and the patch collection, were 'Good as Gold', 'Life’s a Beach' and 'Dusty Blonde', while 'Dark n Stormy' and 'Naughty n Nice' are now lovingly referred to as ‘the girls who are no longer with us’, both having been written off in accidents.

Sergeant Christopher Payne, serving with the Rotary Wing Group, said that most units did something to collect money for one charity or another while they were deployed in the Middle East Area of Operations.

“I think Legacy was a good choice for us, and obviously the nose-art connection is a very good fit for the group too,” Sergeant Payne said.
"Everyone gets right behind this as a worthwhile project, and we all love our girls.”

Historic day for local Legacy

29 October 2012

In front of about 100 people, Far South Coast Legacy officially opened its new premises at Tura Beach on Saturday, September 29.

Named 'Chasney House' in honour of the late Barbara Chasney, a war widow who died in 2007, and who made a generous bequest which enabled the purchase of the ground floor premises, it provides some where Legacy Far South Coast can call its own.

Read the full article

20th Century Fox to raise funds for Legacy

19 September 2012

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment launched the extremely successful series HOMELAND first season on DVD this week and have partnered with Legacy to raise funds for the work we do.

Legacy will receive $1 for every DVD sold to care for the families of our fallen heroes.

Legacy Australia Council scholarship

10 September 2012

Governor General’s Presentation held on 10 September at Admiralty House in Sydney.

Pictured here is Legacy Australia Chairman Charles Wright with Legacy Australia Council (LAC) scholarship recipient Laura-Jane Banks and her mother, Mrs.Kaye Banks.

Laura-Jane is studying for a BSc at Sydney University.

Nationally there are currently 8 children/grand children of veterans in receipt of LAC scholarships, four of which were presented this year.

LAC Scholarships are awarded for three years and are administered by the AVCAT (The Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust).

Laura-Jane’s grandmother, Mrs. Ann Bright, is a widow of a veteran of the Malayan campaign and is enrolled in Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Club.


4 September 2012

The Chief of the Defence Force General David Hurley paid his gold coin donation to launch the inaugural ‘Remembrance Golf Day’ for Legacy in Canberra today.

General Hurley, patron of the event, urged golf clubs around Australia to remember our fallen and wounded service men and women and to support their families by supporting Remembrance Golf Day for Legacy.

“We are asking golf clubs around Australia to support the families of our wounded and deceased veterans,” General Hurley said.

“Legacy Week is the ideal time to reflect that just being a member of the Australian Defence Force is demanding, however when some of the risks our people face on a daily basis materialise, then their lives are changed forever.”

The 1500 golf clubs around Australia are being asked to participate in ‘Remembrance Golf Day’ by simply asking each player to contribute an extra $1 on their green fees during Remembrance Day week to support Legacy (4-11 November 2012).

Remembrance Golf Day has been initiated collaboratively by Golf Australia, Legacy and the Australian Defence Force. It is based on the highly successful US Patriots Golf Day, started in the US by Major Dan Rooney in 2007.

“Golf is a valuable way of linking the ADF, veterans and their families with their local community,” General Hurley said.

“It is my great privilege to be asked to be the founding patron for the Remembrance Golf Day. This is an important way we can support those who have served and suffered.”

“They have served us, let us now remember them.”

Legacy Chairman, Charles Wright said, "Legacy's role changes over the years to meet the needs of widows and families who need support and advocacy after the loss or serious injury of a veteran. The funds raised through Remembrance Day Golf will be vital in providing widows and families with the support they are entitled to as well as holidays for widows and children, support and financial assistance for education and personal development. We thank the Defence community and Golf Australia for rolling out this new initiative and the CSC for their financial contribution."

For more information on how to run a Remembrance Golf Day fundraiser at your golf club, visit

A Legacy spokesperson is available for media comment as are recipients of Legacy’s support.

For more information please contact Pulse Communications:

Lyndsey Gordon
02 8281 3839
Chris Lawrence
02 8281 3895


30 August 2012

The Legacy Australia family is shocked and deeply saddened at the news five Australian soldiers have lost their lives during two separate incidents in Afghanistan.

"Legacy’s thoughts and prayers are with the partners and families of these men, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country." said Mr Charles Wright, Chairman, Legacy Australia Council.

Legacy assists more than 90,000 families including 1,900 children and dependants with a disability across Australia. The charity provides tailored welfare support for individual needs which includes assistance with medical support, financial assistance, advocacy and education.

For further information, or for interviews with Legacy Australia Chairman, Charles Wright, please contact Pulse Communications:
Chris Lawrence
02 8281 3895



30 August 2012

Legacy Australia is calling on the public to support its work, caring for the families of incapacitated and deceased veterans, during Legacy Week, 2 – 8 September 2012.

Legacy Week 2012 emphasises the need for every member of the Australian Defence Force to know their families will be supported should they lose their life or their health whilst serving their country.

In towns and cities across Australia, the first week of September is spent highlighting the role Legacy plays in 'Keeping the Promise'.

The organisation has played a vital role for almost 90 years in supporting the families of those who have sacrificed their life to keep our country safe.

Legacy Australia Chairman, Charles Wright, says Legacy’s role is constantly evolving. "Legacy’s role changes over the years to meet the needs of widows and families and today we are assisting with advocacy to help widows and families get the support they are entitled to as well as holidays for widows and children, support and financial assistance for education and personal development."

Defence Force Chief, General David Hurley will officially launch Legacy Week at a remembrance ceremony at The Cenotaph, Martin Place, Sydney at 12.30pm on Monday 3 September.

"Legacy has been an unwavering source of support to the Defence Community for 89 years," General Hurley said. "The Australian Defence Force demands a great deal from the men and women who serve our nation and its reassuring to know Legacy will be there whenever help is needed. That ongoing assistance would not be possible without the dedicated Legatees who give up their time or the generosity of thousands of Australians who donate to Legacy each year. We are in their debt."

Also attending today’s ceremony is a young widow who will lay a wreath on behalf of all veterans’ Widows.

Australians can help Legacy 'Keep the Promise' by buying a badge and wearing it with pride, especially on Friday 7 September.

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners, badges and merchandise will be sold at all Commonwealth Bank branches, Telstra stores, Australia Post offices, Thales Australia offices and Dan Murphy’s and BSW outlets.

To support the vital work of Legacy, visit now or to volunteer visit

For further information please contact Pulse Communications:
Lyndsey Gordon
02 8281 3839
Chris Lawrence
02 8281 3895

London Legacy receives generous donation from Rugby UK

14 August 2012

The ‘Heroes Rugby Challenge’ game back in December 2011 featured a Northern Hemisphere Help for Heroes XV taking on the Southern Hemisphere XV.

Funds raised from the fixture have been distributed for 'the blokes': those men and women of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country.

London Legacy was one of the grateful charities to benefit and received a fantastic GBP 50,000 ($75,000).

PHOTO: Lindsay Birrell, President London Legacy (centre) receives cheque. With Bryn Parry OBE, CEO and Co-Founder, Help for Heroes; and Jeff Blackett, Chairman, Rugby Organising Committee.

Read more London Legacy news here.

Senior ADF Officers join Canberra Legacy

13 August 2012

The Membership Committee continues to recruit our Senior ADF officers who are in an excellent position to promote and advocate for Legacy. The most recent were the Chief of Navy, Chief of Air Force, the Warrant Officer of the Navy and the Warrant Officer of the Air Force who were inducted into Canberra Legacy at a ceremony in Legacy House on 13 August (see photograph). The Chief of Army and the WO of the Army will be inducted at the 10 September meeting.

PHOTO: WO Navy WO Martin Holzberger, CN Vice Ray Admiral Griggs, CAF Air Marshal Geoff Brown and WO Mark Pentreath following their induction at Legacy House.

For further information from Canberra Legacy go to

Remembrance Golf Day for Legacy

Every year, on November 11, Australians take the time to honour our fallen and wounded service men and women. To recognise those who have served in all our wars, Golf Australia, Legacy and the Australian Defence Force have partnered to initiate "Remembrance Golf Day".

During the week of Remembrance Day, Golf Australia encourages Golf Clubs around the country to raise funds for Legacy. A gold coin donation is asked of each player, in addition to their green or match fee. The funds raised will help Legacy support the families of our fallen and our wounded. Clubs and communities are also encouraged to host a competition or activity to raise additional funds for Legacy's cause. Sponsors may also wish to contribute to the activity.

For more information
click here

London Legacy announces twin success for Rutherglen

4 July 2012

London Legacy is pleased to announce two superb successes for Rutherglen linked supporters of Legacy, bringing Rutherglen to the fore of sporting and wine success.

Read the full media release
PHOTO: Legatee Andrew Hoy OAM riding his horse Rutherglen to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Read more London Legacy news here.

Legacy offers support to family of West Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan

3 July 2012

Legacy Australia extends its deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and colleagues of the Australian soldier who was tragically killed in Afghanistan overnight.

The 40 year old solider from Perth who was serving on his seventh tour in Afghanistan, is the 33rd member of the Australian Defence Force to die in the war-torn country since 2002.

Read the full media release

World of Tanks raises a blasting USD$55,000 for Legacy!

June 2012 is a company with its main production offices in Minsk, Belarus making military themed computer games. A couple of years ago, after much vodka, they decided to make an online computer game called ‘World of Tanks’.

Wargaming America supports World of Tanks serving North and South America and also Oceania, with an enthusiastic Aussie/Kiwi presence.

In April this year World of Tanks decided to run a charity drive to mark ANZAC Day with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to Legacy. The response was huge, with players from North America announcing that they’d chip in to help out their long-time Allies on the other side of the globe. The rest as they say is history.

A massive thanks to founder Nicholas Moran for making the special trip to Sydney to present the donation.

PHOTO: Founder of the charity drive Nicholas Moran (centre in hat) along with Wargaming supporters hand over the funds raised from the ANZAC appeal to Legacy.

Happy 80th birthday Wagga Wagga Legacy!

June 2012

More than 200 people gathered at Legacy House to mark over 80 years of Wagga Legacy. In this photo (from left) former Wagga Legacy President Stewart McGregor, Chairman of Legacy Australia Council Charles Wright, RSM of Kapooka David Galloway and President of Wagga Legacy Norm Alexander stand by the commemorative plaque.

Tough Mudder has arrived in Australia!

Its official, Tough Mudder has arrived in Australia and is raising funds for Legacy. This has to be the toughest event on the planet – check it out.
Click here for more information.

2012 Raise a Glass Appeal is launched

4 April 2012

Australia’s favourite beer, VB, today launched the 2012 Raise A Glass Appeal, and announced its search to reunite family members of the diggers who inspired the original campaign.

Click here to find out more.

Share your favourite recipe for Legacy

Do you have a favourite family recipe or a signature dish? We are calling on YOU to submit your recipe at by 7 April 2012 for your chance to be a part of Leila McKinnon’s family cookbook 'Australia's Favourite Recipes’. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Legacy.

Seventy recipes will be selected for inclusion by Leila in the ultimate collection celebrating the recipes Australians hold dear - and yours could be one of them - so please support Legacy and submit your recipes today!

Click here for more information.

Harvey Norman raises $230,000 for Legacy

Harvey Norman and their suppliers raised a massive $230,000 for Legacy at their bi-annual National Conference held in Darwin in May 2011. Money was raised on the night through auction items and pledges.

Guest speakers for the evening were the 'face of Legacy', Charlotte Thomas, National Marketing Manager Corene Strauss and former junior Legatee Ross McMamara (all pictured right).

The money raised was used to purchase communication technology to assist Legacy Clubs, welfare workers and the families Legacy supports.
Click here for more information.

20 Legacy Clubs around Australia received equipment in the form of laptops, phones, software, entertainment units, printers, photocopiers and accessories.

Legacy wishes to thank Harvey Norman and suppliers for their generous support.

Heroes Rugby Challenge in UK has a Legacy legend

Halfback Luxford taking on the British Army at the International Defence Rugby Cup has been selected in the Southern Hemisphere XV.

Some of rugby union’s greatest legends will run on to Twickenham Stadium in London on Saturday, December 3, 2011 for the ‘Heroes Rugby Challenge’.

The game will feature a Northern Hemisphere Help for Heroes XV taking on the Southern Hemisphere XV.

The aim of the fixture is to raise funds for 'the blokes': those men and women of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country.

Proceeds from the charity match are targeted in excess of £1 million and will go towards helping fund the services which specialise in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded servicemen and women in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Click here to read the full story.

Remembrance Day tribute - ABC 7.30 Report

ABC 7.30 Report

Aired Thursday, 10 November 2011

Leigh Sales interviews Legatee Gary Pearson and Dannielle Kitchen who lost her partner Corporal Richard Atkinson in February.

* This video footage is courtesy of the ABC 7.30 Report

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