My extended family

My extended family - Legacy

23 April 2013

Jodie, Temora NSW

My Grandfather served in WW2, and after he died in 1972 Legacy were there to support my Nan. From 1972 until her death in 2009, Legacy was always there. As a child I was a fixture at Legacy House in Wollongong, and I always felt like I belonged there. Trips to the Easter Show, the annual Camellia Show, Christmas Parties, or just being there for weekly meetings, bingo or craft stalls, myself and the other grandchildren were included and welcomed. I have fond memories of bus trips with the Ladies singing; I still have 'Daisy' ringing in my ears when I remember those days.
My Nan was very proud when I decided to join the Army, and she told me that Mate (my name for my Grandfather) would have been just as proud. Nan was the President of the Laurel Club at Wollongong Legacy for many years and her memory was honoured by current Legatees at her funeral when they spoke very highly of her and her contributions.
In 2006 I lost my own husband, just over 18 months after his discharge from the Army, and Legacy were there to help. Organising the funeral was difficult, but my Legatee was also the President of the local RSL chapter and his help was wonderful in organising James' funeral. Since then I have moved south and my new Legatee, Norma Howard, has been a wonderful friend and help whilst settling into my new town.
My daughter has attended the camps in Wollongong and has been selected to represent Legacy NSW in Canberra at the ANZAC services this year. As a result of her trip to Canberra she has been given the opportunity to research Mate's service history and even meet a medic who served in East Timor with James.
Although I am much younger than the other Legacy widows in my area, I enjoy getting together with them for our annual Christmas luncheon and they are always welcoming.
Legacy has been a fixture in my life and I can't imagine life without their involvement. On behave of my Nan, and my own family, I am so grateful for them.

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