My Mother's Legacy story

My Mother's Legacy story - Legacy

20 June 2013

Elizabeth, Kains Flat NSW

Sadly my father passed away at 46. He was much too young and had a lot to look forward to as we were all grown up and working and he had 3 beautiful granddaughters. My Mum was devastated to be left alone at 43 and no chance of a widow's pension. A friend of Dad's put us onto Legacy and from then on she was helped in every aspect of her life. She joined the Wednesday Laurel Club in Wollongong and that led to a long association with them. She was President of the Club for many years and worked tirelessly to raise funds. For 25 years she was one of the ladies who cooked for the Legacy Camp at Mt Keira and she made many friends. We all knew that she was not available for those 3 weeks in January for any family things as she was with her 'other' family. I will be forever grateful for what Legacy gave my Mum over the years and I am proud of what she did for them as well. Thank you for being there for her Legacy.

Sadly, Mum is no longer with us. Her name was Janet 'Nita' Peachman and she left behind 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. She is very much missed by all of us.

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