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Legacy case statement

Legacy case statement - Legacy

Legacy is an independent organisation of veterans, servicemen and women, and other volunteers, dedicated to the care of the dependants of those who served in war and other operational areas (including peacekeeping) and who died on service or subsequently. Legacy also supports the dependants of members of today’s Australian Defence Force who lose their lives or their good health as a result of their service. Legacy dependants include: widow(er)s and partners, children up to the age of 25 in full time education and adult dependants with disabilities. At their discretion, Clubs may also assist in other cases.

Legacy was founded in 1923 by a small group of World War I veterans. They believed they had to accept a legacy of responsibility for the welfare of the wives and children of their comrades who were killed in the war or died subsequently. Legacy has met that commitment over the intervening years and continues to deliver some of the stability, guidance and assistance that a partner would normally provide to his or her family.

Legacy services are available throughout Australia to around 60,000 beneficiaries, with 96% of them being elderly widows throughout Australia. They are provided by approximately 4,500 volunteer members (called Legatees) through 48 separate Clubs in Australia and 1 Club in London. Legacy’s services range from advice and counselling to practical assistance, including pension applications, financial assistance to those in need and educational, legal and general welfare advice. Most Clubs also encourage social activities for widows and sponsor activities (eg. camps and Outward Bound) to help children become responsible, well-motivated and educated citizens.

The Spirit of Legacy is Service, and the key element is the personal contact which is maintained by individual Legatees with those widow(er)s and other dependants whom they assist. It is this personal contact that makes Legacy care special and gives the work of Legacy its unique character.

The need for Legacy assistance to widows, children and dependants with disabilities is expected to continue well into the future. Legacy receives some Government assistance by way of grants for particular purposes or projects. However, to maintain its services, Legacy is heavily dependent on public support and the principal fundraising activity each year is
Legacy Week, centred around Badge Day on the first Friday of September.

Legacy is encouraged to believe that its work in honouring the debt that Australia owes its deceased servicemen and servicewomen is well recognised. Accordingly, it hopes that its requests for ongoing financial assistance will be understood and supported.

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Legacy Australia Incorporated
Level 7, 47 York Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
GPO Box 4020 SYDNEY NSW 2001

Tel: (02) 8333 0600 Fax: (02) 8333 0699

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