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Legacy Australia Incorporated

Legacy Australia Incorporated - Legacy

Legacy Australia Inc. comprises 45 member Clubs across Australia, and one member Club in London. Many of these Clubs (particularly the Capital City Clubs) consist of divisions/groups/branches allowing it to reach into the community across more than 300 locations nationally.

Each Club has a legally Constituted Board or executive committee and is responsible for the widows/ers and their families living in their area. They also drive local fundraising with money raised going to their local support efforts.

The Purposes of Legacy Australia Inc., as defined in the Constitution, are:

1 The primary purposes of Legacy Australia Inc. are:

(a) the care of dependants of those who served their country; namely, veterans who gave their lives or health on operational service or subsequently, and Australian Defence Force members who die in service or as a result of their service; and

(b) to provide a caring service, not limited to financial support to the dependants, including by way of personal endeavour by Legatees.

2 Other purposes are:

(a) to protect the good name and reputation of Legacy; and

(b) to act as the national coordinating body for Legacy Clubs including representations and/or promotion of Legacy Purposes, Ideals and Interests at a national level.

The Board of Legacy Australia Inc. is headquartered in Sydney and consists of 11 Directors from groupings of Legacy Clubs for Zones as listed in Appendix B of the Constitution. The Board meets monthly or as required.

2019/2020 Board of Directors:

Rick Cranna (Chairman), Sarnia Birch (Vice-Chairman) Eric Easterbrook (Vice-Chairman), Don Stewart (Treasurer), David Kelly (Secretary), Philip McNamara, Peter Bysouth, Robert Connor, Peter Heeney and Peter Keane.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Scott Warr (02) 8333 0606 (M) 0428 020 446

EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Katrina Hagerty (02) 8333 0601 (M) 0428 025 050

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