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When: 28 August - 7 September 2017
Key Highlights:
  • 96km trek
  • 23 Legacy Youth
  • 15 ADF Mentors
  • 20 Corporate Trekkers

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Why Kokoda

2017 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign. In commemoration on Australia's involvement in Papua New Guinea, Legacy, in partnership with the Australian Defence Force, have united for Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge 2017 (OP LAKC 17).

Legacy have selected 24 Junior Legatees from across the nation to take on the challenge. They have been coupled with one of 15 ADF Mentors. Some of the Junior Legatees have been paired with an ADF mentor who served with a relative.

It is through joint initiatives such as these that the relationship between Legacy and the Australian Defence Force is strengthened. The 15 ADF mentors going on the challenge come from all 3 of the services (Army, Air Force & Navy). This relationship helps build awareness of the work that Legacy does within the ADF.

Objectives for OP LAKC 2017
1. Provide a unique leadership development opportunity for Junior Legatees
2. Foster a positive mentoring experience
3. Develop lifelong relationships between all participants
4. Provide a positive image of both Legacy and the ADF
5. Build awareness of the work of Legacy in the ADF
6. Provide a rewarding experience for serving veterans


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