I owe Legacy my life

I owe Legacy my life - Legacy

12 May 2013

Jo-Ann, Springwood NSW

My father died when I was just 11 years old. It was a cold June day when my brother, sister and I came home from school to see him dead on the floor after having a heart attack. He was just 40 years old!
That December I attended my first of many Sport & Rec camps, all paid for by Legacy and attended by other junior legatees. I was not alone.
Most holidays I was able to forget my troubles and experience fun and friendship. The highlight came when Legacy sent me to Melbourne to the Lady Somers Camp and Powerhouse when I was 17. There I met some amazing young women from all walks of life and had a sort of coming of age.
Legacy levelled the playing field for me by ensuring I had everything I needed for a great education. When I grew out of my uniforms, mum gave them to poor families and so the giving continued. My Legatee, Mr Richard Knight, encouraged me to go to University and through Legacy's support I finished my studies and was a targeted graduate of the Department of Education and so started my career as a teacher. I am now Assistant Principal at Blaxland East Public School.
There is no doubt in my mind that Legacy saved me from what could have been a very difficult life. I learned the true value of education and ensure my students hear my Legacy story. I will be eternally grateful to Legacy and to Mr Richard Knight for the care and encouragement they gave me. I hope Mr Knight gets to read this story and knows how grateful I am that he was a part of my life when I needed it most.
Thank you Legacy, I owe you my life.

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