How your donation will help

How your donation will help - Legacy

Your assistance allows Legacy to respond to the needs of the families of our fallen heroes. Here are just a few examples of how your support helps.

Providing educational assistance

Sarah was 10 when her father died. Then tragically in her 20’s she also lost her mother. She had been studying full-time but was faced with the real prospect of having to quit uni to support herself. Instead she contacted Legacy. Legacy responded quickly and positively and Sarah received a financial grant which ensured she finished her final year without financial hardship adding to her difficult life experience.

Providing welfare services to dependants with a disability

Dorothy – the mother of dependant James, contacted Legacy when her son received notice that his entitlement to remain in residential accommodation would cease imminently. There was no advice as to where James could go and Dorothy, herself in her 80’s was unable to care for him at home.
Legacy was quickly on the case and their extensive knowledge of disability services and rights of people with a disability enabled them to advocate both on behalf of James and Dorothy. Working with government agencies they secured permanent suitable accommodation for James.

Advocating Widows entitlements

Some cases of widows entitlements are complex and need to be heard by the Department of veteran Affairs Appeals Board. Legacy employs skilled professional advocates to provide this service free of charge.
In Nancy’s case her veteran husband had passed away over 10 years ago and she had not been granted the Government War Widows Pension. She struggled to make ends meet on a basic pension. Thanks to the recognition and encouragement from her Legatee Nancy was assisted in reapplying for a War Widows Pension which was successful. After struggling for 10 years Nancy received a Gold Card providing her all future medical and hospital treatment and now, in her late 80’s she has peace of mind about coping for her future.

Providing personal development

Legacy funds high quality Junior Legatee services including camps, activity days and education assistance.
These programs provide parents with respite and also introduce children and families to others with a shared experience, providing support, community and opportunities for friendship.

Combating social isolation

Legacy assists widows by providing a much needed social network for camaraderie through our many Widows Clubs, holidays, activities, and social isolation intervention programs; as well as professional Community Services Workers and community mentors who are able to respond to widows’ specific needs.

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