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8 February 2013

Barbara, Baldivis WA

My husband was ex Royal Navy, served in Korea and had a Veterans Affairs Pension. We came as a family to Australia in 1970. My husband, John, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2004. He endured several operations and treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but ended up in 2007 with a colostomy bag. He struggled on, in pain, until he passed away in June 2008. Upon advising VA in Perth of his passing, they immediately suggested that I go along to a Laurels meeting here in Rockingham. I was dubious about this as I have not belonged to any sort of club and being so soon after losing John, I wanted to hide myself away.
My daughter, who I lived with said, ‘Mum! All these ladies have been through what you are now going through. Give it a try!’
After 4 weeks I took her advice and went along to the meeting. I was immediately welcomed by two ladies in particular, one of whom has become a dear friend, and after a month I declared to the meeting that it was the best thing I could have done, and was staying!
Since that time I have enjoyed the fun and companionship of about 24 ladies and have last year taken on the role of Secretary. I am so glad I listened to my daughter and took that first tentative step into the Legacy family. I am now, wherever I go, greeted by my fellow members with hugs. To think I would have missed out on this!!! Legacy is a wonderful organisation, more like a family really, caring and supportive.
To anyone, who like myself is dithering about joining I can only say, ‘DO JOIN, you will not regret it for one single day.’
The Office Bearers and Legatees do a fantastic job for us all. Thank you for everything.

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