Fifty four years of friendship

Fifty four years of friendship - Legacy

27 April 2013

Carolyn, Vermont South VIC

My name is Carolyn, my father passed away when I was 11 years old leaving Mum and myself, Mum was really distressed at the time.

Our Legacy representative was I recall
Mr Alan Coventry but I maybe wrong.
That January holiday I was offered a country holiday, how exciting. I travelled by Red Rattler hauled by a VR engine along with lots of other Junior Legatees to Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. Another girl Leslie stayed with another of the White family. Wow did I have fun, my hosts Ruth and Maurie White and baby son Russell and the entire family took me in the speedboat on Gippsland Lakes, to Buchancaves and also in the stock transport trucks to various farms to collect cattle and take them to sale yards. Also visits to Alan and Bev's dairy farm to round up the cows and collect mushrooms. The following year I returned for another great holiday.

In my teens I visited the Whites as the family grew to three children.

Every single year Ruth and family and myself exchanged Christmas cards always with a newsy letter. I married and had two daughters Sarah and Emily, Ruth came to visit us in Burwood. Still the cards and news were exchanged as the years passed.

Ruth would write about her children's lives and especially about grandson Cameron a budding cricketer for Australia. Cameron was the son of the baby Russell on my first holiday.

Watching TV one evening I saw Cameron White now the Bushrangers captain.

Around five years ago I decided to retrace by wonderful adventure, catch a slightly more modern train and visit this special family.

Arriving at Bairnsdale I recognized these very special people who took me into their home as a very young couple. Each year I visit and we chat on about the Good Old Days. Much has changed for both our families, however I am always introduced as ‘Carolyn, our Legacy girl who first came to stay in January 1959’.

To me this is something very special I am now sixty six and Ruth and Maurie White in their seventies. I will continue my visits each year.

Earlier this year whilst visiting and knowing my daughter Sarah is expecting twins, a friend of the family dropped in a country folk do, on hearing the exciting news Pauline left returning with a bag full of both boys and girls premmie hand knits which proved to be too big for her nieces twins and she had kept them for someone else to treasure. This is what Legacy means to me, Thank you so much.

I intend to attend the Garden Party in Melbourne in October with my Daughter Emily.

I remember attending a Legacy Christmas party there with my mother years ago.

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