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26 February 2013

Bruce, Oatley NSW

‘Thank God for Legacy’, particularly in the provision of subsidised accommodation in a hostel for boys at Cull House, Ashfield, during the 1960s, when I was doing a trade apprenticeship. The ‘Fred and Ada Cull Legacy House’ operated between 1952 and 1970, providing subsidised accommodation for an average of 21 boys and young men.
I was a resident of Cull House and beneficiary of those services for 3 or 4 years, between 1964 and 1968. During that time I completed my apprenticeship, and as a consequence of the subsidised accommodation, I had some ‘pocket money’ left over from my ‘meagre wages’, and was able to engage in the normal social and sporting activities of young men in my age group. In one of those social activities in 1966, I met my future wife, to whom I’ve been married since 1968. That meeting was directly related to Cull House.
My mother was 28 years old, with 4 children under the age of 9, when my father died in March 1950. Dad had been mobilised in March 1941 and was shipped to New Guinea in July 1942, however after contracting Malaria his health severely deteriorated leading to recurring Malaria, and developing Chronic Nephritis and Uremia. He was medically evacuated back to Australia in December 1942, and after much hospitalisation he was discharged ‘medically unfit’ in December 1943. After many episodes in the Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital in Brisbane, my father died from the effects of Chronic Nephritis and Uremia.
In those days we lived in Queensland, and I don’t recall the scope of support provided by Legacy in those early years, but I do know that it was extremely difficult for a war-widowed single parent, with a young family, to survive on government support alone. My mother remarried within a year and had a further 3 children.
After several years in Queensland we moved to NSW and while I have fond memories of Legacy ‘Outings’ on Pittwater during the mid 1950s, it was really the association with Legacy through my residency at Cull House, that left the imprint on me that has more recently triggered my bequest to Legacy in my will.
The advantage gained and lessons learned through my time at Cull House, helped lay the foundation for a successful career, and was the catalyst in finding my partner, with whom I have had a long and happy marriage, and enjoyable family lifestyle. Thank you, Legacy.

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