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ANZAC Day 2015 Appeal

ANZAC Day 2015 Appeal - Legacy

This ANZAC Day we will join as a nation to commemorate 100 years since Gallipoli and a century of service by Australian servicemen and women.

The desire to honour their great sacrifice led to Legacy’s birth after World War 1 with one digger promising his dying mate he’d “look after the missus and kids”.

The loss and grief is only a fraction of the hardship for the families that Legacy supports as they have lost someone they were relying on for emotional and financial stability puts them at a disadvantage for life.

I am asking you to donate to Legacy as your help can offer a lifelong commitment of unconditional support and the safety net that eases the ongoing difficulties.

For the help she and her family have received Julie Cross simply says “thank-you so very much… from the bottom of my heart.”

Julie will never forget the beautiful day in the Daintree rainforest when she married her ‘handsome man’ – Army Sergeant, Raymond ‘Flash’ Kent – and they began their dream life. Soon after, they welcomed one gorgeous son, Jack, then another, Thomas.

One fateful day, in 2005, Julie woke up next to Flash like any other day. However Julie quickly discovered that Flash was unable to walk, talk or move his arm. At the young age of 42, this vital man and soldier in the prime of his life had suffered a massive stroke during his sleep as Julie lay beside him.

The stroke Flash suffered was the result of a heart arrhythmia. Flash had served Australia in Somalia and East Timor, something that would have put extra stress on his heart. Overnight Julie was left with a husband to care for as well as two young boys, the youngest of which who had just been diagnosed with Autism.

For four years Flash fought hard to walk and talk again, with Julie as the rock he and the boys were all leaning on. Julie supported her family in many ways including regular trips to the hospital for Flash’s heart trouble.

“I was due to pick up Flash the next morning from hospital after a routine procedure and he was excited about coming home, we all spoke to him the night before, wished him goodnight and told him we loved him,” remembers Julie. “That would be our last time we told him we loved him.”

Flash Kent died on the 11th of the 11th 2008 – Remembrance Day – leaving the wife he loved to bring up their boys aged 7 and 11.

You can read the family’s full story in a personal note from Julie

Click here to read the full story

Since 1999 Australia has deployed some 74,000 servicemen and women to various conflicts including in Iraq and Afghanistan. A significant number have come home with physical and psychological injuries. The impacts on their families are long-term and often devastating.

Your donation is needed now more than ever as new widows, widowers and their families turn to Legacy.

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